How to Install Bistro Blinds Effectively and Flawlessly

 How to Install Bistro Blinds Effectively and Flawlessly

It is quite natural to have lesser scope for outdoor entertainments at home during the winter season. Unless, you have some sort of protection from the rain and wind! Of course, you can construct a roof over the deck to create a shelter that can protect you from the external elements or you can even enclose the sides of the deck as an effective solution to make it a comfortable outdoor space. But, this will involve a lot of money and even a permanent utilization of the space, which may not even be required throughout the year. The best and most prudent option is, therefore, to screen the outdoor elevated deck, to protect you from the unpredictable weather conditions, with bistro blinds.

Need for a Bulkhead

It is inevitable that you will need some kind of support whenever you would want to install the bistro blinds, effectively and efficiently. It is essential to make sure that the head rails are attached to level beams and the walls or the ceiling joists. This will ensure that the blinds drop to the floor squarely. It will also make the operation easier as the zip will open and close smoothly. If the deck has perimeter beams then these will create a sloping skill on roof, making the level head rail attachment nearly impossible. To avoid such issues, you will need a proper solution and a do it yourself (DIY) bulkhead is the perfect solution to the problem. Then you can attach the bulkhead below the sloping perimeter beams. This will provide a level surface to fix the head rails.

Making the Bulkhead

To make the bulkhead to fix the bistro blinds, you will need to follow a specific process:

• Secure a U-shaped aluminum channel of the required measurement to the perimeter with screws
• Cut proper length of primed H3 timber boards making an angle that will match the sloping beams
• Slot these boards into the channel
• Reinforce the boards on the outside with primed H3 pine
• Cover it all with cladding

Make sure that everything is planned and is within your budget. If you are unsure about the process and its precise measurements, call on professionals to fix the bistro blinds.

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