How To Keep Your Dog Happy In An Apartment

Loving, entertaining and amusing, dogs make excellent pets. Maybe you’ve always wanted a dog but thought your apartment wasn’t the ideal place for one. Good news! You and your dog can live together in your home if you pick the right dog and commit to making it work.

Keeping a canine pal happy in an apartment necessitates several considerations that other types of living arrangements do not. Finding the correct space to live, as well as the appropriate toys, furnishings, training, and exercise, will all help to ensure that you have no difficulties maintaining a dog in an apartment.

By ensuring adequate exercise for your dog, you can keep certain breeds happily, and healthily, in an apartment. 

Create a dog haven

Dogs want to relax and unwind in their place, so create Buddy’s small refuge in a corner of your flat. Put a dog bed, a few toys for separation anxiety, and his food and water dishes in his corner so he has a place to go when he needs to relax.

This also helps to protect your flooring. In your dog’s temporary area, provide a mat or rug where he may chew his bones and play games to absorb any stains or rips. 

A consistent routine

Dogs thrive on consistency, especially if they can’t go pee outside anytime they want. Make an effort to walk your dog at the same time every morning and evening so he knows what to expect.

If feasible, feed him at the same time every day. Buddy’s body will begin to digest food according to your schedule, and he will be ready to use the restroom when you take him out (no standing outside for 20 minutes in the cold).

The right pet toys

There are dog toys that will keep him entertained and also help prevent separation anxiety that might lead to an unhappy dog and even more unhappy neighbors if your dog is a barker or howler.

If you’re worried about boredom, such as coming home to find she’s chewed through your favorite shoes, you’ll want a chew toy like a Kong or some dental sticks that can offer her a bit of a challenge.

These sorts of appropriate toys may keep your canine partner happy, mentally stimulated, and occupied for a while by putting a treat or even peanut butter inside it for her to figure out. How to get it out. Puzzle toys that require your dog to solve the puzzle to receive a treat are also ideal to keep around the apartment to keep her entertained.

Special attention

Some dogs are needier than others and let’s face it, they always will be. These pets will necessitate your undivided attention. This attention might take the form of additional cuddles, special treats, and some quality time bonding over some indoor games spent together. 

Extensive workout

Keeping your canine pal happy in an apartment necessitates her getting out and getting some exercise, as well as more than just a routine walk to do her business. Make an extra effort to take her to a park, a dog park, or a walk where she can run about and get her heart rate up.

Depending on your dog’s breed, age, and physical condition, you’ll need to exercise your pooch. A LOT!

Proper pet furniture

Yes, your furry friend most likely enjoys snuggling with you on the sofa or even sleeping in bed with you, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t require her own space as well. You may set up a little play area for her with her favorite blanket and toys.

Also, if you allow your pet on the couch or bed, try installing a doggy ramp or steps to prevent your dog from jumping up and down excessively. No matter how athletic, high jumps up and down can hurt your dog’s musculoskeletal structure and cause some injury to the joints. 

Proper training

Having a happy four-legged pal who understands not to bark every time the elevator door opens or who isn’t going to scrape the back of your entryway door with her nails because she doesn’t want you to go is a tremendous aid for joyful living.

When having your dog trained, discuss your living conditions with the trainers and have them emphasize suitable behavior for this sort of environment. A well-trained dog is a happy dog overall because she understands how to live in a limited environment.

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