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Glass is one of the most aesthetically appealing and has a lot of advantages in comparison to other materials that can be used for door windows and shop front. However, attaining streak-free glass doors and windows is challenging. This can frustrating and requires proper technique.

Here we have gathered some tips and methods that are universal for all types of glasses and can make your glass surfaces sparkling clean.

  1. Start cleaning from the top: When you are using some kind of solution it is better to go from top to bottom instead of bottom to top. This will prevent the glass from water marks due to the solution used.
  2. Wash your window and doors on a cloudy day this is because the sun can prematurely dry the window washing fluid and leave residue and streaks. During cloudy, the cleaning solution will not dry until you wipe it, hence you will get a streak-free shining glass.
  3. Use a wipe tool instead of cloth as the cloth may not remove all the stains and small threads of cloth may stick to the surface of the glass. Therefore, the weeping tool will help you clean both doors and windows properly.
  4. Newspaper can also be used but it might not hold well when it gets wet, but if you find it difficult to use cloth or weeping tool then you can try newspaper.
  5. You can use homemade glass spraying cleaner using different readily available ingredients such as Vinegar, Soda, Lemon, Borax, Washing soda etc. to clean glass doors and windows.

The infographic below will help you prepare the homemade solution for cleaning glass doors and windows hassle-free using these ingredients.

Dealing with streaks and stains is much easier than scratched glasses. Instead of replacing these scratched glasses, you can go for a glass scratch removal system service. It is way more cost-effective and time-saving than just replacement. Professionals use different effective techniques to deal with a scratched glass of doors and windows to make them look as good as new.

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