How To Launch An On-Demand Multi-Service App With A Gojek Like White-Label App?

 How To Launch An On-Demand Multi-Service App With A Gojek Like White-Label App?

Multitasking is not an easy task. Entrepreneurs have struggled for years to manage many on-demand services under one roof. The GoJek app was launched in the market to give a solution for them. Do you want to offer a variety of on-demand services from a single app? By combining transportation, food delivery, courier delivery, and other hyper-local services into a single app like Gojek, you’ve hit a home run.

Are you unsure what Gojek is? Gojek is a Southeast Asian corporate behemoth that spearheaded the multi-service app revolution. This was an app that could hold a variety of services. In the on-demand market, the app was a huge hit. 

Want to know what Gojek, a multi-services app, has onboard?

Getting Around –  Under one roof, the multi-service software enables all forms of transportation services, from ride-hailing to bike taxis.

Delivery of food –  In just a few taps, people may order food from their favorite eateries.

Obtainment – End-users can have anything delivered from anywhere to their desired location, including groceries, couriers, and more.

Services with a hyper-local focus – Allows customers to order on-demand services from local service providers, such as massage and beauty, using the app.

Many small-scale entrepreneurs wanted to start a business similar to GoJek, while a few others were looking for a method to manage their many services. They couldn’t keep track of all the services they were delivering. Apps like Gojek Clone came to their aid. These clone apps are less expensive and more powerful than custom-built apps.

Why should you use a GoJek knockoff app?

When compared to an app designed from the ground up, they are significantly more advanced and cost-effective. The development cost, time, and resources are the three primary factors that will influence your decision to use a clone app. Clone apps are offered at a low cost, with a shorter development period and fewer resources necessary. The clone apps can be released on many platforms in a matter of days. Entrepreneurs have begun to use clone apps as a result of these main factors.

Do you have any questions about how it works? We’ve combined several on-demand services into a new multi-service app called Gojek Clone. With such an app on board, you may receive commissions from each service provided through the app, thereby quadrupling your return on investment.

This brilliant business strategy aided countless multibillion-dollar corporations in a short period of time. What is the most appealing aspect of it? With our premade Gojek clone app, you, too, can start your own multiservice app.

What features should be included in the app?

When creating an app for your on-demand services, make sure it’s efficient and simple to use. Here is a list of characteristics that will assist you in gaining more customers:

Several panels:

The user, service provider, and administrator will all have access to the app. As a result, the app will have three separate dashboards, one for each of the roles’ tasks. The settings available in each control panel will also differ. From their panel, the administrator will be able to monitor the service offered as well as other statistics. The user will be able to submit a request, and the service provider’s information will be delivered to them. The service provider can accept or deny a request, as well as receive the user’s contact information.

Configuring the profile:

Multiple registration choices, such as email ID, phone number, and social network account login, should be included in the app. The authentication procedure will begin after you select a registration method. For verification purposes, service providers must upload a copy of their original documents to the app. They can begin receiving inquiries from clients after they have received approval.

List of addresses:

To a list, the user can add a list of commonly ordered goods or destinations. Users do not have to type in the location or product every time they want it. The favorite list will make it simple for them to repeat the request if necessary.

Make your appointments as follows:

If a user wants to book a ride or any other service for later use, they can choose the date and time that they want to use the service, and the ride or service will be reserved for that time period. The service provider will phone you before arriving at your place and will send you a reminder via push notification about the booking.

Records of transactions:

The list of transactions conducted using the on-demand app will be displayed in both the user’s panel and the delivery executive’s panel. The user’s dashboard will display a list of products or services that they have purchased. The panel of the delivery agent will contain all of the orders that they have delivered.

Payment options:

The app will offer various payment channels, allowing customers to pay for their product or service using the manner of their choice. These gateways are safe and secure, and your credit card information or other banking information will not be compromised.

Ratings and reviews:

After the service is completed, the user and the service provider can rate each other. Additional comments or problems can also be expressed in the app’s feedback section.

To sum it up:

Developing an on-demand app like Gojek is one of the most innovative startup ideas available today. The GoJek Clone app is a powerful tool for capturing consumers’ attention and establishing your brand in the on-demand sector. Choose an app development business that offers a high-quality, feature-rich app at a reasonable price. Our experts will assist you in creating a clone app that meets your business needs. Customizations and changes in the future are also simple. The app will work flawlessly across numerous platforms.

Isn’t it intriguing? Our Gojek clone solution is ready to bring the entrepreneur in you to life by allowing you to establish your own multi-billion dollar company in just one week!

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