How to Launch An Uber For Mechanics?

 How to Launch An Uber For Mechanics?

These days with the advent of technology, everything is nearly made possible with just a few clicks and swipes. With smartphones and the internet in hand, people can now go on for a long car drive or plan for a road trip without fearing breakdowns and getting stranded at a remote place. The Uber For Mechanics is now the helping hand.

According to research, it is recorded that almost 69 million vehicle breakdowns occur in the U.S every year. This shows the demand for mechanic services. But finding a nearby mechanic might be difficult for many, especially when struck at an isolated location.

The global mechanic service industry is expected to grow as high as 800 billion dollars by 2021. These days people are much aware of the importance of proper maintenance and regular servicing of the vehicle to increase the lifetime value. Thus the mechanic service industry is said to be evergreen, and the chance of gaining a vast user base by launching an on-demand mechanic service app is high.

How to develop an on-demand mechanic service app?

There are two effective ways to build your own mechanic service app, which are explained in brief below,

Develop from scratch:

You can build your robust application from the ground up. This way, you are wholly responsible in finding the right resources to accomplish each step from research to coding. The cost and duration of the app development may vary based on several factors like the complexity of the app, working hours of the app developers, etc.

Develop using clone script:

Uber is a pioneer on-demand service app with advanced features and an enhanced user interface that provides utmost comfort for the users to use. The versatility of the Uber for X Script makes it possible to develop many on-demand services apps. In this way, with the help of a reliable app development company, you can easily build your own on-demand car repair service app.

As it is 100% customizable, you can customize your app to a vast extent by enhancing the features of the app and boosting its performance. 

The Uber for mechanic service app development can be accomplished in a matter of a few days. Thus you can quickly launch your app and gain vast reach among the audience swiftly.

Salient features of Uber-like Mechanic service app:

Let’s discuss the features and its functions of the customer and the mechanic app in the upcoming passage for your clear understanding.

Customer App Features:

Quick registration: Users can sign-up to the app easily with multiple login methods such as email ID, contact number, or other social media credentials. 

Advanced search bar: The advanced search bar helps the users to find the right mechanic in the desired location easily. 

Appointment booking: Upon spotting the right mechanic, the users can send a service request through the app. 

Live Tracking: Once the booking is successful, the users can track the arrival of the mechanic in real-time. 

Ratings and reviews:  After the completion of every service, the users can share their ratings and reviews to the app for other users to view and decide.

Multiple payment methods:  Users can pay the service fee through the app using multiple payment gateways integrated with the app. 

Mechanic App Features:

Registration: The service providers take up a registration process by entering the required information, which is verified by the admin panel.

Mechanic profile: The profile page of the service provider displays the details such as name, location, contact number, etc., for the customers to view.

Availability toggle: The mechanics can provide their service to the app in their own leisure time. The availability toggle displays their presence for the users to view before approaching. 

In-app navigation: The app navigates the mechanic to the customer’s location through optimized routes eliminating the traffic-prone roads. Thus quick reach of the service provider to the destination can be achieved.

In-app chat: The service providers and the customers can contact each other through the app using the in-app chat feature.

Earnings chart: An advanced dashboard enables the mechanic to keep track of the money earned by providing service via the app. This can help them to manage their finances wisely. 

How to monetize your Uber-like mechanic service app?

There are a number of ways to monetize your app. It is important to choose the right revenue model. Some of the common and effective ways to monetize your app are discussed below, 

Commission-based model:

This is one of the common ways to generate revenue. Upon each successful completion of the service, the customers pay the service fee through the app. A fixed percentage of the service fee goes to the app as a commission. Thus a steady income flows to your app.

Featured listings:

There are a number of service providers available in your app. They pay a certain fee to get their name listed on the app. To display their name on the top of the list, additional pay is applicable. The top names are likely to catch the attention of the users quickly. The mechanics can renew the featured listings on a monthly or yearly basis.  


Utilize the banner space of your app to display the advertisements of third-party companies. This is an effortless way to generate revenue for your app. Each time the user enters the app and clicks on the advertisement, money goes to the app. 

To put it all together,

Mechanic service for the car is similar to how we visit a doctor. Regular checkups and proper maintenance are vital. It is even better when the mechanic service is brought to the doorstep. Looking at the demand for mechanic service in the market, it is evident that stepping into Uber for mechanic service app development can elevate your business to reach new heights.

Deploying a scalable solution will help you to expand your app in the future when you witness potential growth in your business. Thus without any delay, get into the competitive on-demand industry with an Uber-like Mechanic Service App. 

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