How to Make Attractive Custom Cake Boxes for Gifts

 How to Make Attractive Custom Cake Boxes for Gifts

Every cake in the world must have creative custom cake boxes. Who doesn’t like cakes anyway? They are amazing with the variety of colors and flavors they make. You can find so much happiness when you bite them. 

You usually meet these heavenly items at parties, celebrations, and more. The cake is a must for special occasions. This is why cakes should be presented in attractive packaging boxes to get maximum attention. Here are some tips you can do to make attractive custom cake boxes for gift wrapping.

Use Your Creativity and Solid Material for Your Cake Boxes Wholesale 

Even the tempting design of custom bakery boxes doesn’t make a good impression if it breaks easily. That’s why it is important to choose the highest quality materials to keep the boxes sturdy and keep your cakes safe. Any bacteria and other external influences that can break down the cake should be avoided.

For this, you need to design your cake boxes wholesale with premium packaging materials. Make sure the materials are free of synthetic substances as they can get into the delicate cake. 

Popular materials for making custom packaging boxes are cardboard, corrugated, kraft paper, and rigid. These materials protect the cakes as the boxes will be strong and durable. In this way, customers will be happy to purchase your cakes and present them as gifts.

Additionally, sturdy boxes allow you to store your delicate cakes and ensure reliable delivery. Yes, these boxes are suitable if you talk about promising reliability factors.

Choose the Right Sizes and Shapes for Your Custom Cake Boxes

Your custom cake boxes must be in the correct sizes and shapes. If you need to keep your sweet cakes safe, size matters a lot. If the boxes are too large, the delicate cakes will start to move and damage inside. Thus, you have to spend more money on packaging and shipping.

On the other hand, if your boxes are too small, the cakes can bump inside. Through the shipping journey, they will lose their beautiful shape and appearance. No customer will be delighted to receive these cakes.

Consider Your Target Audience

Remember, your boxes should appeal to your target audience. This is why it is essential to know the age, gender, and more of your target audience.

For example, if your cakes are more popular amongst the female customers, your boxes should be classy and elegant. 

You can make your cake boxes in bulk stand out by choosing bright, subtle colors. In the meantime, if your cakes are geared towards a younger audience, the packaging boxes should be fun and colorful. You can also add famous cartoon characters to get more attention.

Make Your Boxes Special

The design of your custom boxes needs to make them stand out. Your custom cake boxes should look attractive so that customers can see your efforts. The boxes will look great if you choose the colors carefully here.

You can use soft colors that show the luxury and style of your cakes inside. You may need to keep the first earthy shade of the boxes. This will give them a unique and elegant look. 

Or else, you can also add handwritten notes to personalize your boxes. 

If you want to reach more customers, gift wrapping is the best choice. But remember, the boxes need to be sturdy to keep your cake safe. 

Try Out window Shapes and Print Your Brand Logo

You can apply beautiful window shapes to your boxes to increase your brand awareness. Accordingly, you can print a nice brand logo on them.

Your brand logo is important for people to recognize and remember you. You can also display your contact information in the boxes. This will make it easier for customers to contact you. 

You can further enhance the look of your boxes by adding ribbons, stripes, and other extra add-ons.

Provide Product Details On Your Cake Boxes Wholesale

Cake boxes wholesale can educate your customers about your product’s quality. This will help them better understand your sweet cakes. You need to figure out what your customers need to know and add them to the boxes. Make the information easy to read by mentioning details in a clear and attractive text style. For this, always choose the size and color of your text carefully.

For example, you may need to list ingredients in boxes, expiration dates, quantities, and other details. You can also use these boxes to advertise and showcase your lovely cakes and brand as well. Yes, make your boxes attractive to capture your customer base.

When they see how reliable your brand is, they will consider buying your cakes. You need to show what sets your cake apart from other competitors. By doing so, these customers will give them a chance.

Choose the Right Style for Your Cake Boxes in Bulk

Yes, you can get amazing cake boxes in bulk in different styles. On the other hand, always choose what will appeal to your customers. 

Cakes come with an attractive appearance. Thus, you need the appealing style for your boxes. For instance you can go with gable boxes. This will ultimately motivate them to get them.

The handle on the boxes makes it easier for customers to carry your cakes wherever they go. This way, you can add more value to your heavenly cakes.   

Or else, you can also go for 2-piece boxes. These custom cake boxes will display your cakes beautifully. In the end, no customers will ever resist bringing your cakes home. 

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