How to Make Sure Your New AC System Doesn’t Break the Bank

 How to Make Sure Your New AC System Doesn’t Break the Bank

Fresh and cool air relaxes your mind and protects you against respiratory complications. To achieve fresh air, your house has to be constructed with the necessary features to facilitate it. Various factors will help you ensure you spend less on your AC system. The size and nature of your windows and the house contribute much to the air condition of your house.

Installing an AC system can be a long-term solution for air-conditioning your home or office. The AC system not only promotes good respiratory health and comfort for you but also increases the value of your property.

While thinking of installing an AC system, you need to know the size you need. Different factors determine the right AC size for your home. Knowing the right HVAC size will save you money and give you quality results. The following are factors to consider to help you save on your new AC system.

The Appropriate AC For the Size of Your Room

If you know the size of your room, then you will understand how to size an HVAC system. You should first calculate the average footage area to identify the right size for your AC system. 

When calculating the square footage of the space, it is necessary to avoid the space you may not need to heat or cool, such as corridors. Rooms intersecting each other should be treated as one. 

After collecting the space details, the sum of the footage should give you the right choice of size for your AC system.

Is Your House Insulated?

The level of your insulation features determines much about the size of the HVAC you need. A well-insulated home will require a less powerful AC system to cool the place, hence, you will spend less on your AC.

However, if you have large windows and open spaces, you need a larger AC system during summer to keep your residence comfortably habitable. Before installing your HVAC, you must eliminate all air leaks in your structure. 

Also, enhance proper insulation facilities of the facility to prevent the entry of unwanted conditions.

Your Ductwork Matters

To get quality results from your AC system, you should ensure that it is well installed and functioning properly. If you are buying the facility for the first time, you can consult a professional who can check the condition of the air ducts before purchasing the equipment. 

The experts can guide you and recommend the right air duct for your home. They can also help match the ductwork size with the right HVAC system, so you don’t end up buying an unsuitable AC.

How Many Windows Do You Have?

Big clear windows are a good source of natural lighting, and beautiful views promote your home’s aesthetic value. Meanwhile, the windows can greatly influence the air condition and temperature of the area and force you to spend more on your AC system.

Windows allow sun rays and heat to your area, making it hotter. This means that you will need more energy to cool the increased heat in the air volume. If your home has large windows, you must add 10% BTUs to cool your area appropriately. You can install curtains or use shutters to prevent excess light from cutting costs.

Direction and Orientation

If your home receives a lot of sunlight, the chances are that you will need more power to cool your home, hence a more expensive AC system. Meanwhile, you will need less heating during winter.

How Many Home Members Do You Have?

Every home member produces a certain amount of heat in the air. BTU assumes that two people occupy every room of your home as a rule. If there are more than two people, 600 BTU should be added for each extra person per hour. If you have an indoor gym, you should add 380 BTU for each person using the gym at a specific time. The number of people in a room will help you budget for the right AC system.

The Climate

Home from a hot and humid region will require a different cooling system from the one in the cool region. You will require a strong AC system to fight the extra heat. Budget according to the type of AC system that will match your climate.

Closing Thought

You have the information to guide you to purchasing a suitable HVAC that won’t break the bank. Maintain your air condition for better health and comfort.


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