How to make your education channel attractive?

 How to make your education channel attractive?

Everyone should have access to education. However, the reality is that not everyone can. In such scenarios, videos on YouTube are a savior for anyone who wants to learn new things. tips free, and most people can access tips on their smartphones. If you agree with this sentiment and started a YouTube educational channel. Congratulations!

Now, starting a channel is easy. But growing it is challenging. That sucks! Because if the channel doesn’t grow, no matter how well you teach, it will not reach its target audience.

Thus, starting a channel is half the battle. The other half requires you to work on making it attractive for the audience to click on the link. So it should have an appeal that the YouTube algorithm puts it on top of people’s homepages. So how can you achieve this? By following simple tips and changing the fate of your channel.

Tip 1: Add a logo to your channel

First, create education logo for your YouTube channel. It should depict the brand you are trying to create for yourself. Having a logo is necessary as it attracts people to your channel. It also makes a brand identity for the content. Next, use that logo to create a banner for the channel’s homepage. You can create the banner in any way you like, but ensure that you add a logo to the mix. That’s your identity. You cannot afford to leave it out.

Even when creating a thumbnail for every video, adding a logo does wonders. It shows consistency and helps with the brand image you are trying to create.

Tip 2: Initially, it’s good to focus on a single topic

When starting the channel, it’s best to focus on a single topic. Knowing what you want to teach will help you decide on the topic. It will be easy as most education channel creators use a topic they already have knowledge about or are teaching. Why focus on one topic? It’s because it allows the student to know what they will learn from this channel. If you are teaching different subjects every day, it may not bind the audience to your channel.

Of course, you can expand into other topics later on. But this should be a strategic move after informing the students that there will be more topics on the channel and how it will benefit them.

Tip 3: The titles should be engaging

Marketing your content on YouTube is about presentation. Thus, creating titles that encourage people to click on the video is necessary. A user only sees the thumbnail and the title of the video. Thus, these two are essential in appealing to them to open the video. Therefore, work on creating captivating headlines without using clickbait headlines. (These only reduce the popularity of the video).

How to and best of titles work best. For instance, how to solve geometry tricks in under 5 minutes? These titles appeal to the person willing to learn without click-baiting them. Lastly, do use keywords in your title.

Tip 4: Be mindful about shooting your videos

If you are shooting the educational video on your own, always remember these tips:

  • The landscape is the best way to shoot a video
  • Have adequate light, and it should be consistent too
  • The shots should be short
  • Use a microphone and camera, which is good in quality

Have the lesson plan in front of you so you know how to shoot the video in the best manner possible.

Tip 5: Always have a playlist

When your YouTube channel has tons of videos, it becomes challenging for students to find the educational video they are looking for. Thus, it’s best to create a playlist. It will guide the students to know which playlist they need.

Tip 6: Post regularly

An educational channel is attractive when the post comes regularly. It is best to fix a day or days when you will post. It will make people check in often and help create consistency. Also, don’t take too many gaps, like months, if you are serious about the channel.

Use these tips to make your educational channel successful and attractive for anyone who needs it. These changes are necessary to reach the audience you desire to teach. Thus, use these tips to teach more people and make a profit for yourself too.

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