How to make your gift boxes prettier? Exploring cool embellishments

 How to make your gift boxes prettier? Exploring cool embellishments

At major festivals, we make a gift box by hand or buy it from the market to package our gifts. Everyone needs it because gift giving has become a part of our way of life and culture. As selecting a gift is vital, selecting a gift box is equally essential. The gift boxes primary role is to protect the products inside. Apart from protection, they give your gifts a beautiful appearance. Thus, they help the recipient make an amazing impression of your gift. In addition, some cool embellishments make these boxes look prettier.

Attach a Tissue Flower or Embroidered Star with Gift Boxes

No matter the gift, do not get worried if you do not have real flowers for its packaging. Just get a tissue and make a beautiful oversized flower of it. It is quite easy to make as it involves no rocket science. Once you have your flower, punch two holes in the gift box lid. Then thread the pipe cleaner from the flower through and secure the underside of the lid. By putting it on the gift boxes, you can immediately make the gift itself more captivating. This hand-made and large tissue flower gives a sense of vitality and fashion. It conveys the value and quality of your gift.

To make your gift boxes with lids look prettier, you can also draw star shapes onto the box lid with a pencil. Then pierce holes in the lid at each point of the star. Now, use some decorative embroidery threads to stitch a star on. Again, use the smallest needle possible; otherwise, the holes can get a bit big.

Make a Fabric Bow or Soft Tissue Bow

People get gifts wrapped in many distinctive ways. Giving your loved ones adorable gifts packed in small boxes excites them more. The charm of these boxes is matchless, and the receivers do not forget it for their whole life. You can use some decorative fabric to give your boxes a unique look. Wrap it over the lid and bind it on the top. It is a super easy gift box decoration idea in which no glue is involved!

You can also use a white bow of soft fluffy tissue paper on a packaging box. To craft a bow of the right size for your gift packaging, cut strips of the tissue that are 1 inch shorter than the full width of your box. Then fold the paper. The ends and use a pipe cleaner to tie the bow. You can do so by making a loop with the pipe cleaner. Then put a piece of tape through the loop made with the pipe cleaner, and stick it onto your box. In this way, you can enhance the look of your presents.

Design Your Gift Boxes with Paper Beads and Colorful Yarn Pompoms

Add an extra touch of elegance to gift boxes for women with fancy beads. You can use paper heart beads which are so easy and simple. They require no glue, which feels very satisfying. Otherwise, you can use a broken, stretched, or faded old beaded necklace. Its beads can be used easily to decorate the box. It also works well on Christmas trees cut out from some red card to get attached outside the box. With just a touch of glitz, it gives your gift box an easy Christmas makeover.

Another way to give your gift package a stunning look is to wrap yarn around it. Then make a few more yarn pompoms without trimming the edges. Now, use the longest piece of yarn on the pompom to tie onto the yarn on the gift box. Again, it boosts the worth of items packed inside.

Add Glitter Spots and Hand Prints

While giving gifts, you cannot deny the importance of exclusive gift boxes UK. They are essential to setting your gift’s value high. Think creative and smart with a customized gift box. Creative designs make the receiver happy and pay more notice to the item placed inside. Adorn your gift container with dab marks of glue onto the box lid and sprinkle the glitter on the top. It is a two steps process. At first, do half the glue spots, sprinkle the first glitter colour, and let it dry. Then shake the excess glitter off. Secondly, intersperse the first glue and glitter spots with more glue. Now, sprinkle the second colour, let it dry and shake the excess off. It sets these boxes looking sparkling and eye-catching.

You can embellish the kids’ gifts by carefully choosing the best part of the foot and hand print patterns on the boxes. They make lovely keepsakes, so this decoration idea makes your kids excited and happy.

Add on gift tags and The Curly Twine

Another approach to amaze your targeted audience with gift packaging is using gift tags. For example, you can use the star gift tag for the tiny square box. Instead of using the tie, glue the tag onto the case. Also, people love using twine because it can get many things done. A twine is earthy and has a rustic texture. It never fails to complement wrapping papers in a neutral colour. But you can also use twine’s colour as a brilliant combination to the colour of a bold package. Bold colours like fuchsia, silver, or teal look great when wrapped with twine. All these tactics add charm to the packages and build an emotional bond between the giver and the receiver.

From making your recipient feel overwhelmed to keeping your gift protected, gift boxes are very useful. These boxes create eagerness on the face of the receiver, wondering what’s inside them. Plus, by increasing product value, they leave a lasting impression on the targeted audience. You can easily make these boxes pretty according to your taste on a very small budget.

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