How to Manage and Prepare for The AMC Exam in Australia

 How to Manage and Prepare for The AMC Exam in Australia

The AMC exam in Australia is really tough and tricky for international medical graduates (IMG). Yet, it becomes easier when students understand the spirit and format of the exam. For Australian Medical Council exam preparation, students must remain attentive and during the test conduct, they should attempt with confidence.

The AMC MCQ test is not only based on the knowledge of medical graduates but also depends on communication skills. That clearly exhibits that the success of the AMC exam is not only knowledge-driven but also requires professional behavior and a communicative attitude. There are some factors or tips for AMC exam preparation.

MCQ based preparation

For AMC exam preparation, do not read so many books and courses. You just need to prepare for multiple-choice questions. This will help you to understand the pattern of the AMC exam.

Cross-check before answering the questions

Always make a habit of reading to cross-check the answers because sometimes the MCQ question is so tricky with multiple options. As you have limited time for this activity, your practice will help you to manage your time. The prompt you are answering will help you to manage your time.

Highlighting important points

During the Australian Medical Council exam, try to underline or highlight the key points and important keywords that can relate to the answer in this way, you will never miss the questions. By keeping in mind the important point you can answer it quickly without wasting time.

Make a reflection of AMC MCQ bank in mind

While preparing for the AMC exam in Australia from the MCQ bank, try to make a reflection and recollect them in your mind. It is not possible to remember all the questions but making an image in your mind will help you to stay connected with the asked questions in the AMC exam.

Relevant material for AMC exam preparation

After all the important tips for the Australian medical council exam preparation, we need to focus on the most important thing which is the relevant material for preparation. There will be many online materials and hardcopy of books, choose the best suitable material that suits you. There are two ways to select which material is suitable for the situation.

  1. In case you do not have much time for preparation and there is a deadline for the exam in a few days, then studying through the book’s material is not appropriate as it requires time. At this stage, you should try to overview all the past papers for the AMC exam and MCQ-based preparation material.
  2. While having a lot of time for your to prepare for the AMC exam, you can take help from the relevant books and can have in-depth study. Do not make a rush of material, make your choice and recall the important points.


Preparing for an AMC exam in Australia is the toughest job as it requires time and full attention. The international medical graduates (IMG) should prepare for the MCQ-based paper and make a better strategy to answer on time. Australian Medical Council exam preparation will help the willing graduates to confirm their future as professional doctors in Australia.

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