How to Open an MBOX File?

MBOX is a single file format which contains multiple messages. It was developed by Netscape, Inc., in early 90s. In this file type, multiple messages are stored in an email-like folder structure. MBOX files are often used to store messages from Eudora, Mozilla, etc.

In order to open an MBOX file, you need to install email client software. Such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook Express. If you do not want to install any third party applications, you can also visit web based clients like CboxSpace and XAP Files for reading MBOX files online.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a popular open source email client developed by Mozilla Foundation. It supports to open/save MBOX files in Linux, Mac or Windows operating system.

1. Download and install Thunderbird on your computer.

2. Launch the program when it is installed successfully on your computer.

3. Click ‘File > Import’ menu option to import messages from an MBOX file.

4. Browse the MBOX file from your computer and click ‘Open’. This will start importing messages from MBOX to Thunderbird.

MBOX files are also supported by Outlook Express, a free email client software that comes pre-installed with windows operating system. But this mail client does not support to open/save MBOX in a .eml file format. It only supports to read the messages inside an MBOX file.

1. Open Outlook Express on your computer and click File > Import.

2. Browse the MBOX file from your computer and choose ‘Import’. This will import messages from MBOX to Outlook Express folder by folder structure.

XAP Files also offers a web based client which you can access online from any computer around the world. Not only MBOX files but it also gives you an option to open MSG files online. XAP Files provides both free and premium services for using email messages or managing contacts online.

For importing messages from Windows Live Mail to XAP Files, simply export your Windows Live Mail or Outlook Express to MBOX format from those email clients. And then import those messages from MBOX file with XAP Files online client.


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