The advantage of organizing your little one’s party at home is that it gives you the freedom to do it as your child dreams: colorful, with lots of balloons, confetti, with music and games that each guest guide prefers.

This, however, requires your early involvement and some of the ideas I have prepared for you in this guide. 

Steps for the most efficient organization

Like any home party, it requires time, involvement and effort. We know that there are many things you need to know: what to buy, what food to prepare, who to invite, what games to propose to the children, what is the best time for fun and many other details. That’s why, in the following lines, we have arranged the most important steps for you to make the party more beautiful than your little one dreams to Play Squid Games online free.

Step 1. Set the required budget

We know that every parent is willing to spend whatever they can to make their child happy. The proof is that even when his room is full of toys and coloring books, there is always room for a few extra. However, in order not to fall into the trap of buying more things than necessary, before organizing the party, set a budget in which you want to fit. Otherwise you will tend to spend too much. To make it easier for you, you can divide the budget into categories: money reserved for menu and food, money for decorations, money for games, money for costumes, etc.

Step 2. Make a guest list ahead of time

Even if it is a party for children, it is good to prepare it in advance, so that parents do not schedule other activities during that period. Depending on the number of guests, you will know what program to do for the little ones. For example, when you have at least four children, you can plan a creative workshop. If you have more, you can divide them into groups and teach them to work in a team. When organizing a party at your home, the maximum number of children should be around 10-12, varying depending on the age and size of the circle of friends that your little one has. Start the list with very close friends, cousins, relatives and then your kindergarten or classmates.   

Step 3. With or without a classic menu?

You may remember your childhood birthdays. The only time you’d rather sit at the table than play was when the cake was brought and “Happy Birthday” was sung. Children want to run from one room to another, to top up, to create games, especially if they are old enough to explore and discover new things. So it is advisable to think the menu as simplistic as possible, do not expect him to sit quietly at the table and eat everything from the plate. Eventually, you can prepare a table where you can find all kinds of light, small snacks that can be eaten quickly, without the need for knives and forks: home-made salads, bruschettas, vegetables, fruits, small pieces of cheese, cheese or chicken breast, small slices of homemade pizza, pitted olives and other dishes that can be enjoyed without too much effort.

Step 4. Set the right time

First of all, you have to take into account the fact that, in the case of children up to 8-9 years old, the duration of the party should not exceed five hours. After about four hours of play, fun, laughter and squealing, the little ones start to get tired and get agitated. Think about the right interval. The parents first ask if the little ones have a sleep schedule and possibly schedule fun either before or after it. A suitable interval would be between 15: 00-20: 00.

Step 5. Choose the theme of the party

You know how long the party will last, you know who the guests are, what snacks you will prepare. Now comes the part where you have to put your creativity to work. Although it may seem complicated, the choice of theme depends on a few simple things:

Celebration preferences – among fairies, princesses, pirates, fairy tale or cartoon characters, who would your little one want to invite to the party? Regardless of age, your child certainly has a character that he prefers more or a field to which he has a special inclination;
Guest preferences – for each guest you can prepare a toy, a coloring book or a set of creative accessories related to the character or field he loves.

Here are some ideas that might inspire you:
Party with Frozen characters;
Pajama Heroes Party;
Mickey Mouse Party;
Disney Party;
Minion Party;
Themed parties with fairies and princesses;
Party with pirates and ships;
Party with fairy tale characters.

Step 6. What decors and accessories match

Once you set the theme of the party, it is easy for you to choose the sets and accessories, especially since in specialty stores you can find a lot of products on this theme. Don’t forget to go to the list:

Disposable glasses and plates;
Banner and banner with the message “Happy Birthday!”;
Colored balloons;
Funny glasses and masks for children and board to Play Free Squid games online.

How to choose children’s activities according to age

When organizing a party at your home, it is good to have prepared some games or workshops to keep the little ones busy when you notice that they are starting to get bored. Organize the playground according to their age, for example:  

2-year – olds – being at the age when they discover new things using the visual, auditory and tactile senses, for them is suitable a corner where they have all kinds of toys, geometric shapes from different materials with which they can have fun;

3-4 year olds – they explore and discover new things through movement, being restless and full of energy. For these little ones you can prepare a workshop dedicated to dance or dynamic activitiesHow are you, Baba Oarba, hiding from her? It would also be appropriate for a face painting workshop. For this you can use the services of a professional animator or you can involve the most talented parents;

Children aged 5-6 – from this age, games are becoming more varied and complex. You can organize a workshop with wooden games or different materials in which the little ones are taught to assemble pieces to create certain characters or animals. You can find such games right on our site, in the category: creative sets for children ;

Children aged 7-9 – karaoke, dancing or a bracelet workshop are among the activities that delight children at this age;

Children 10-12 years old– at this age they start to discover more and more elaborate games. A music workshop would be an interesting challenge for both children and adults. Buy some toy instruments and improvise together the rhythms of your favorite songs.

Other creative ideas for the little ones party

In addition to the activities already proposed above, you can add in the “toy basket” other ideas that bring even more fun to the little ones.

Recyclable games

Do you remember that when you were a child, anything in the house could be turned into a toy? Mother’s shoe boxes, bottles or tables and chairs that in our imagination became houses. With so many things around them, today’s children rarely use this ability to create a game from any object they offer. A few weeks before the party, gather all kinds of boxes, from egg cartons to milk containers or smaller ones, put them on stickers and suggest to the children that from everything they have at their disposal to create a model of the city, with streets, blocks of flats, parks, traffic lights and any other idea that comes to mind.

A homemade “handmade” tent

You probably know the cartoon “Pocahontas”, and if even the little one knows it and likes adventures like “western with cowboys and Indians” then you can create a story in which each guest plays a role. To make the adventure even more interesting, you can set up a tent built by yourself in the tent of a room. You need a piece of fabric in the desired size, some jute, a few clothes hooks and a kind of light hair tied together at the top, getting the shape of an Indian tent.

Propose the most fun photo shoot

For this you can make, in time, some DIY frames to decorate depending on the theme of the party. You can also buy funny accessories, such as party glasses or those colorful masks, melons, mustaches or other templates that you usually find at wedding booths or private events.

Dress up, parents

What if the theme of the party is not only “respected” by the little ones, but also by you, the parents? Propose a dress code for adults and invite them to become a character in the story that your party creates. The atmosphere will become much more dynamic and fun and will be an interesting challenge for everyone. So it’s worth a try.

In the end, we can say that no matter how great the effort, it becomes insignificant when you see all the children happy and with a lot of fun.

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