How to Preserve the Quality of Your Sofa?

 How to Preserve the Quality of Your Sofa?

The couch is the most comfortable place in a house. That is why it receives maximum stains and dark spots. Upholstery protection Adelaide experts recommend their clients add stain protection layers on their furniture to preserve the quality. It not only prevents mould growth and dampness but also helps in the stain removal process. All stains are not similar; some of them are stubborn, whereas others are easy to remove. You have to assess the condition of the furniture and prepare a suitable remedy for cleaning.

Preserve the Quality of Your Couch

Whether you have a commercial or residential property, the lounge receives the maximum foot traffic in a day. It becomes a headache if you do not schedule a timely cleaning. You should follow some advice to make the furniture durable and long-lasting.

Check the Material

Before buying any furniture, please check the materials. Only choose the furniture which is easier to clean. You can ask the manufacturer or check the care code of the furniture. Most people prefer S, W and WS care codes because they are suitable for water-based or solvent-based solutions.

As a DIY, you can use baking soda or alcohol-based isopropyl liquid on this furniture to save maintenance costs. Most customers prefer leather sofas because they are more durable and need less maintenance, but fabric offers more design and colour at affordable costs. If you have the budget, you can choose leather furniture, but if you want more designs to decorate your room, you should choose fabric sofas.  

Add a Layer of Stain Protection   

Adding a stain protection layer helps to prevent stains, dust, and moisture. If you have this layer, you can use simple DIY remedies to clean stubborn stains; otherwise, you have to seek the help of a professional sofa stain removal in Adelaide. You do not have to spend high upfront costs, but you can save your furniture and maintenance costs in the long run. 

Use Furniture Cover   

Many people do not use furniture covers, which leads to spillage and stains. You can buy colourful covers to decorate your room, especially during night parties and social events. It is one of the best ways to protect your furniture from damage. 

Make a Schedule   

If you are too busy with your daily activities, please make a schedule for furniture cleaning. Sometimes we sit and drink on the couch at the weekend, but we do not clean it properly. As a result, it allows mould growth and dampness. Indeed, you can apply DIY remedies. However, you have to do it very cautiously because over saturation of moisture may lead to further damage.

Besides that, you have to clean the regular stains as soon as you find them. Most of the time, fresh stains are easier to remove than dried stains. It would be better if you consulted with a sofa fabric protection service provider in your locality.

Steps to Follow Before Calling an Expert  

In case of severe stains or damage, you have to seek the help of an expert. Before you call them, please follow these steps.

Vacuum Your Sofa  

This is the ideal method to keep your furniture clean. Whether you are applying steam cleaning, hot water extraction, dry cleaning or any water-based solution, you have to vacuum the area properly to remove dirt. It would be better if you purchase a HEPA vacuum cleaner because it captures micro particles better than regular cleaners. After that, professionals use high suction machines to remove embedded dirt and germs.

Never Expose Your Sofa to Sunlight  

Many people do not know that sunlight fades the colour of your sofa. Whether you have leather or fabric furniture, you should not place it near a window or balcony. Use curtains on the windows and doors to avoid direct sunlight on the furniture. There are no remedies to solve the problem directly. If you are facing this issue with a leather sofa, you can use delicate leather dyes. In the case of a fabric sofa, you have to add matched fabric or paint a design on the place to hide the issue. If it does not work, then you should consult with an expert of sofa stain protection in Adelaide

Check the Sofa Legs   

The structure of the furniture is dependent on the four legs. So you have to check the health of the legs to ensure the durability of the furniture. If you find any issue, please consult with a professional for urgent repair services.  

Use DIY to Remove Regular Stains  

Before calling an upholstery protection Adelaide professional, you have to try DIY remedies a few times. In some cases, you may not get the desired result, but baking soda and white vinegar are highly effective in removing stubborn stains. You have to sprinkle baking soda all over the couch to remove the foul smell. On the other hand, prepare a paste with water to apply it to the affected area as a stain removal treatment.

Why Should You Choose Our Sofa Cleaning Services

Stain protection treatment is the best way to make your couch long-lasting and durable. Besides that, it is a budget-friendly solution. If you are interested, we can apply this protective layer to your furniture; please feel free to contact us. We are open 24/7 and offer you the same day sofa fabric protection service for urgent needs. Please let us know about your requirements and book an appointment now. Our professionals will reach your location within a few hours of a confirmed booking and resolve your issues as early as possible.

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