How to Print OLM Emails Without Outlook – Issue Resolved

 How to Print OLM Emails Without Outlook – Issue Resolved

Summary:- If you’re seeking for a way to print OLM emails without Outlook, you’ve come to the correct place. As a result, in this article, we’ll explain how people can fix this problem utilizing the best and safest solution suggested by the Expert himself.

There are a variety of reasons why a user would want to export their OLM emails without using Mac Outlook, as we all know. Some users just wish to securely share their information and print their most recent emails and other documents in PDF format.

Users can print their emails without using Outlook for Mac by simply converting OLM emails to PDF format. As a result, we’ll walk you through how to use an Automated Solution to solve this problem.

But first, let’s go through the main reasons behind this conversion.

Primary Reasons to Print OLM Emails Without Outlook:-

1. The main reason to opt for a PDF format is because it offers users independent platform. Along with that, a user can easily view their document without any restrictions.

2. Therefore, it is really to transfer it from one place to another that too without any damage.

3. A PDF file is a safe and secure format. By using a password, you may ensure that the document’s privacy is protected. It can be safeguarded and secured with a password, despite its extensive accessibility and mobility.

4. PDF file has smaller size compared to any other formats and it is easier for users to store their data in an PDF file. As, it takes less storage space.

5. This format is user friendly and both technical and non-technical users may utilize this tool.

Since, there is no free method to resolve this query. Furthermore, it is important to convert OLM mailboxes to PDF format, in order to Print OLM emails without Outlook using an Automated Solution.

Expert Solution to Print OLM Mailboxes Without Mac Outlook:-

Manual methods are not usually 100 percent accurate. In this case, There are number of a third-party solution available in the market. But, the OLM Converter tool would be the ideal solution for you. Furthermore, this application maintains the folder hierarchy during the conversion. This application allows you to add files, folders, date filters, and other advanced features.

Additionally, there are no file size limitations while using this application. Users can also convert OLM to PST and many other file formats as well.

Follow these instructions down below in order to convert OLM mails to PDF format:-

1. Firstly, download and run this software on your system.

2. Then, select file/folder option according to the requirement and browse your OLM files.

3. After that, press on the Export file type option and select PDF as your saving option.

4. Now, select your desired destination path.

5. Hence, tap on the Export button to begin the operation.

Some Advantages of this Software:-

Easy to Use Interface:-

This tool is created with simple yet advanced graphical interface that both professional and domestic users can use this tool without facing any difficulty along the way.

No File Size Restriction:-

Users don’t have to worry about file size limitation while saving multiple files at the same time. Regardless of how many files the user want to export at once, there are no limitations.

Batch Transfer Mac OLM Data File:-

Users may use this software to transfer many files from OLM to their Thunderbird account at the same time. The tool is a great way to translate numbers without losing any data.

Only Export Selected Items:-

Users may pick and select whatever data or emails they wish to export from the full preview, making it easier for them to work according to their requirement and need.

Manages key Attributes of Email:-

During the procedure this tool maintains the data integrity and key attributes of the email. It assures users that their data will be same before and after the operation. As, this application keeps data originality intact even after the process.

Free Version:-

This tool allows users to convert and save only 25 OLM items to PDF from each folder. Users can, however, purchase the tool’s licensed version as well.

Final Verdict:-

In this blog, we have discussed reasons for a user to print OLM emails without Outlook. Since, there are no manual methods available, even if they were there are certain limitations to it that can cause users to lose their data.

On the other hand, it is advised that users should opt for an automated solution. Hence, it is 100% guaranteed that it will provide users with accurate results. Not only that, it also offers users a variety of saving options that they can save their OLM data into. Moreover, users does not have to worry about their data being leaked or anything as this tool is completely encrypted.

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