How to Promote Your Business or Brand on LinkedIn

 How to Promote Your Business or Brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn marketing tips

“Networking is an investment in your business. It takes time and when done correctly can yield great results for years to come.” – Diane Helbig. Whether it’s about visiting an event, looking to promote your products on social media or building a client relationship, networking helps in sustaining the market, building corporate image and developing yourself. LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that provides immense opportunities to brands & businesses to communicate with their potential consumers, acquire knowledge & for generating leads. Traditionally, LinkedIn was considered as a platform for B2B promotion but in recent years, the B2C market has also flourished on Linkedin. No matter what you do, if you are a professional, you must have a profile on Linkedin that tells your story without you saying it.

Before you plan to promote your product on LinkedIn,

– Define your goal/objective

– Determine whether you are willing to spend on paid media or looking for organic/free promotion.

Let’s go through the steps of the ladder to reach your marketing destination.

– Create and refine: As the first step for every platform, on LinkedIn too, the most basic is to create your profile. Add all your details, complete the profile and keep refining it from time to time. Play wisely with your words and be creative.

– Set up your company/brand page: Once you’re done with the profile, create a page that should speak out your brand identity or your company overview. While you make the page, don’t forget to add relevant information that makes your brand/company unique.

Focus on mentioning the details such as, website link, videos, events, keywords or hashtags that gives in-depth information about your firm.

– Follow and get followed: Look for your employees or connections on LinkedIn that resonate with your objective. Ask your employees or teammates to follow the company page.

– Communicate: Reaching your target audience on LinkedIn is quite easier than on other platforms and networking is the key to it. Engage in communication on posts, share your views on the comments, posts or messages. This will help you & your audience in knowing each other better.

– Indulge in groups: Join the LinkedIn groups of your niche. Stay active and keep participating in the group conversations to have an idea about your market, competitors or your audience’s interests. This will also allow you to connect with potential clients.

– Content Plan: Have a detailed content plan with a focus on what to post, when to post, appropriate hashtags, this will help you in maintaining consistency in your communication. While making your content plan, make sure to be highly professional and relevant. Here are a few content ideas that you can add to your strategy:

1.  Company/Brand updates

2. Job updates

3. Employee life or leaders talk

4. Blog posts

5. Statistics or market news

6. Tips and tricks

7. Success or failure stories

8. Behind the scenes

9. Polls

10. Video content or case studies

While you’ve got a fair idea about moving with an organic strategy, if you wish to reach a wider & targeted audience in less time, you must use the paid budget.

You can utilize these ad formats for promoting on LinkedIn:

1. Sponsored text ads

2. Post boosts

3. In-mail ads

4. Dynamic ads

5. Job listing ads

6. Carousel ads

Have a specialist in your team who can set up the ads for you, keep track of the performance and make it work for your brand. If you are a small business & don’t have a specialist for now, learn & apply on your own.

Whether you are promoting your company or personal brand on LinkedIn, note down these points for a successful LinkedIn marketing tips:

– Timings to post: This is one of the relevant points to remember. While you cannot have a specific best time to post on LinkedIn due to different time zones, keep a track of your audience and when do they react to your page or posts, post accordingly.

– Be unique: Unique, original & valuable content has a pretty higher chances of getting viral. While you share your views, be firm with your opinion & respect other’s opinions too.

– Say it with a picture or video: While you have immense opportunities on LinkedIn to communicate, if you choose an attractive picture, an engaging video, or noteworthy statistics, it has a higher probability of gaining the eyeballs.

– Tagging: Do not forget to tag your employees, top leadership or people mentioned in the post. This will help you in reaching their connections too.

– Track and analyse: No business has ever survived without tracking the performance & analysing what worked the best for them. Use LinkedIn metrics which have details about your visitor’s demographics, engagement, follower growth, or what performed the best for you. This will help you in revisiting your strategy and modifying it as per the performance.

– CTA: No matter what is your objective, always have a CTA to give your consumer a clear direction. Call to action can be a link to the website, contact no, link to a form or job listing page.

– Focus on conversations: Keep your posts open-ended to induce conversations in the comments. You can ask a question or a customer’s views or opinions regarding the post in the comments section. When you focus on engagement, you reap the benefits from all the ends. You get eyeballs, opportunities for networking and public opinion too.

The key to success for LinkedIn is to be less personal and more professional.

While you must have noted all the points, it’s time to get, set and implement!

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