How to Quickly Restore a Carpet?

 How to Quickly Restore a Carpet?

The goal of the conservation of a carpet is to guarantee its durability while maintaining its originality. The intervention consists mainly of a reweaving to the equivalent of the missing or used parts, granting a right on aesthetics and appearance: the colours must be almost identical to those of the original product. In some cases, carpet restoration refers to the repair of loose wear, holes and fringes.

Restoration Process

Depending on the type of deterioration encountered on your rug, many useful methods to restore your carpet: redoing the fringes, reconstituting the edges, repairing tears and holes, reweaving worn places, repairing carpet colours, etc. These operations are generally a matter for an expert, which is why it is recommended to call on a specialist in carpet repair for all related work.

Restoring a Carpet is first of all Cleaning

To be able to restore a carpet perfectly, it must first be washed. Of course, washing removes all the dirt and pollution from your carpet. If such a decorative element is not properly cleaned, it risks getting dirtier every moment or even deteriorating quickly.

Restoration of a Perforated Carpet

If your carpet has been punctured by cigarette burns, eaten away by heels, it is strongly recommended to restore the weft and then the pile, made up of the knots of silk and wool. To do this, you have two options: either you are going to reattach, re-screen and redo and velvet, or you will use an added canvas. You should know that this latter method, clearly faster, is inexpensive and almost returns the original shape to the face of the carpet, but will still be noticeable on the reverse side.

Restoration of an Edge of a Carpet

Repairing the edge of a silk carpet takes even more time than repairing a carpet made of other materials. So that the restoration work is not difficult, the carpet must be softened. Several operations must be carried out before to make it more flexible, in particular when the device is thick. So, to benefit from a quality carpet restoration, it is strongly recommended to always resort to a specialist.

Carpet Fringe Repair

Over time the fringes of your rug will start to tear and peel off, this can ruin its aesthetics. Putting a tie-off on the back of the piece is the right restoration solution. However, such an operation remains rather delicate to perform, it is then better to call the carpet repair specialist.

Repairing an old Carpet: call a Specialist

An old carpet can be renewed if it is maybe damaged. On a carpet, it is possible to restore the fringes that stand out. It is the same for the state and the small holes. Moreover, the restoration of the carpet, whatever its type and age is a professional task. This surely requires expertise and know-how and above all time. Being specialist carpet cleaning craftsmen are equipped with the skills, equipment and technical mastery necessary to carry out such an operation.

In short, the work of restoring a carpet takes time, know-how and above all time. If you want to obtain an optimal result during the restoration of your carpet, it is better in any case to prefer a professional intervention.


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