How to Rank Higher on Google: A Quick Guide

 How to Rank Higher on Google: A Quick Guide

Did you know that 90.63% of web pages get absolutely no organic web traffic from Google?

That’s a daunting statistic: it must be really hard to rank on Google then, right?

Actually, it’s not, if you know what you’re doing! Most people just aren’t sure how to rank higher on Google, so their website gets no traffic.

Follow these tips to boost your page and get more clicks from the world’s most-used search engine. 

Utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The importance of SEO can’t be understated when it comes to Google rankings. The best way to optimize your SEO, in the beginning, is to use keywords that people are searching for.

Keywords are essential in website copywriting that’s built to help your site get more traffic. You can use programs to find these or simply brainstorm and think about what people would be searching for in relation to your business.

By including these on your webpage, people typing those search terms into Google will see your site. 


Another thing that determines website rankings on Google is backlinks — i.e., how many other websites link to yours.

Make sure you’re publishing authoritative content where people can link back to you. You can also collaborate with other websites to get backlinks, though you should make sure these are authentic and not just shoved in anywhere. That will put people off! 

Optimize Images

Optimizing images is also key when it comes to getting your business site ranking. Google will take a long, hard look at your images!

Make sure they have captions that are relevant to the image. Including keywords in them is especially handy!

You should also make sure you compress the file size. Google doesn’t like huge images and will absolutely penalize you for them. 

Improve Page Speed

Another quick thing you can do to get your company site ranking higher is to improve the page speed.

Google will judge you on how long it takes your website to load. If your site is loaded with gifs, videos, and a massive wall of text that takes a while to load, then you can expect your site to drop in rankings.

Although it might be tempting to stuff a whole load of fancy imagery in there, instead, take the time to make sure your page loads easily. It doesn’t have to be a computer-killer to look nice and when it comes to web design, minimalism is often best. 

This Is How to Rank Higher on Google

This is how to rank higher on Google! Take the time to ensure your page loads quickly and all of your images are optimized. Scatter some SEO keywords in there and look at some other best practices. 

You can also collaborate with other websites to build up backlinks to your site, which will also be a huge help in ranking higher.

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