How to Record Screen in windows 10 and 11

Capturing and recording screens is one of the most important activities for a number of people but it is as simple as taking pictures on your phone. No, seriously this is not rocket science. There are definitely multiple tools in Windows computers to take screenshots like MS paint and the famous Snipping tool but having a handy tool which can also record screens in Windows is much more comfortable. This is where Tweakshot comes into picture as it can not only screen capture but also act as the best screen recorder on Windows 10 and 11.

Tweakshot allows you to record the screen in a way that it is running on the screen and also allows you to take scrolling screenshots. This proactive tool works efficiently not only on a single active window but also other tabs that you switch. Moreover, it keeps running smoothly behind without hindering your pace of working and getting distracted. Its interface and look is also very precise using which any newbie or intermediate user can easily guide themselves.

Let’s now understand how to record screens on Windows using the best screen recorder for PC.

How To Record Screen On Windows 2021

The process starts with downloading and installing Tweakshot in your computer. As the tool is downloaded, click on the shortcut link and click it open with double click. You will be greeted with a bar where all the options are mentioned very well. The best part about this tool is that you don’t need to relaunch the tool again and again and this bar is good enough to undertake any task required on your computer.

For the recording screen and all the activities taking place, pick the right option.

This tool records screen activities and mouse movements. In fact, you get a chance to record the screen along with audio and background sound. You can stop the recording anytime you like. Moreover, this tool gets gelled with the background so well that it doesn’t bother you in between your workflow.

Another option is to record the scrolling screen.

This has been proving itself as one of the favorites of the users. It is because this tool can capture scrollable web pages or windows pages and even the entire webpage, as you ask for it.

When you wish to stop the recording, just click on the button again and everything will be delivered to you instantly. How easy is it, right?

So what else can Tweakshot do for you?

Apart from the recording screen, Tweakshot can also do a lot of other functions for you.

  • It can capture a region, single window or even full screen. Just explore the first three options of this tool and you can capture various regions according to your choice.
  • It has a smart color picker feature with it. No matter what color is visible on your screen, you can pick that color from your screen and use it for your personal space. These colors are picked in RGB or Hex format.
  • It has a number of editing options which come handy like adding line, arrow or other shapes, texts and much more. You have a plethora of options to expand your aura after the screenshot has been taken. Not many tools provide you this unique feature where you can actually edit the images after taking screenshots. Hence it acts not only the screen capturer but also image editor at the same time.

What are the pros and cons of Tweakshot?

Here are some pros and cons of the tool.


  • Multifaceted tool which can capture all your needs at the same time.
  • Professionals can easily use this tool
  • Allows you to edit captured images and videos


Only available for Windows users and Mac users cannot use it on their system.

Final Verdict:

We hope that you are aware of how to record screens in Windows 10 and 11 and now you can capture multiple styles of screenshots easily. However, it is a freeware which is limited to 15 days only and the functionality stays limited after the same. So if you wish to enjoy this tool in an unlimited manner, prefer purchasing the tool for best use. No matter how you wish to create video, edit images or capture scrolling screenshot, it is all absolutely possible for your best option.

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