How To Reduce Elbow Pain Naturally?

 How To Reduce Elbow Pain Naturally?

Elbow Pain

Elbow pain is a sharp, dull, or burning pain or pressure discomfort which can be intermittent or a constant or shooting pain. It usually arises due to strain, sprain, fracture, dislocation, etc. If you are looking for elbow pain relief in Charlotte NC, it is important to see a physical therapist for the treatment. 

Causes Of Elbow Pain

There are various causes of elbow pain. Most of the elbow pain is due to overuse or strain placed on the joint, usually due to work, sports, accidents, etc. Some of the common causes of elbow pain may include the following:

  • Sprains And Strains – Sprain refers to the tearing or stretching of the ligaments, which helps connect two bones. Strains are regarded as stretching or tearing the muscle or tendon. Tendon is the fibrous tissue that helps attach the muscles to the bones. 
  • Tendinitis – It refers to the irritation or inflammation of the tendons, which helps in the attachment of the muscles to the bones in the elbow. 
  • Tennis Elbow – Also termed epicondylitis, it is due to tendon inflammation of the forearm muscles where they attach with the outer elbow joint.   
  • Throwing Injuries – It is also known as baseball pitchers’ elbow. These injuries usually happen because of the excessive use of the elbows while playing certain kinds of sports such as basketball, etc. 
  • Radial Nerve Compression – Radial Nerve Compression refers to the pinching or compression of your radial nerves that pass through the elbow joint. 
  • Tearing Of Ligament – It refers to the ligament in the elbow that gets torn due to excessive force on the elbow joint. 
  • Broken Arm – Fractures of various parts of the bone in the arms can lead to elbow pain. 
  • Osteoarthritis– Osteoarthritis refers to the type of arthritis that significantly affects your body. It causes loss of cartilage at the end of the bones in the elbow. 
  • Rheumatoid arthritis – It is an autoimmune disease that causes joint inflammation. 

Home Remedies For The Treatment Of Elbow Pain

Elbow pain can be caused by the tennis elbow, which refers to lateral epicondylitis. It is also known as repeat repetitive stress injury. It usually involves inflammation of the tendons, which keeps your bone and muscle together. Following are some of the home remedies for providing relief from pain in your elbow. 

  • Rest Your Elbow – It usually seems like a simple treatment. But it is very effective in case of excessive irritation in the area of your elbow. It can be helpful if you rest your arms and don’t do any movements that trigger the pain and increase the swelling and inflammation of the affected area. 
  • Icing Your Elbow – Putting ice packs on your elbow can help reduce the inflammation and swelling in that area. You must not apply ice directly to the site to damage it. You must wrap the ice in a cloth or a towel. Then hold the ice pack in a place for about 15-20 minutes and must do this about two to three times a day. Some people are also seen using frozen peas that they always keep in their freezer. 
  • Compressing And Providing Support – RICE therapy is often seen as the best recommendation for elbow pain. In RICE, R stands for rest; I stands for ice, C stands for compression, and E stands for elevate. Compression helps in reducing fatigue in the muscles. It is essential to wrap a bandage around your elbow tightly to feel the compression. It is necessary to make sure that you must be able to move your fingers after the application is applied. 
  • Gentle Stretching Exercises – Gentle stretching exercises can be beneficial in treating elbow pain. Extend your arms straightly and put the hands as if you are making a stop motion. Try to gently pull the fingers back towards your arm for about 15 seconds. Then you should relax and repeat the same. 
  • Brace Your Elbow – Braces that protect your elbow and support you may also be beneficial in reducing the pain in the tennis elbow. Braces are available in various stores, but it is always essential to consult a certified physical therapist to ensure that you take the right kind of brace for your elbow and know the proper way or process to apply it. 
  • Adapting Certain Techniques – If you know that certain activities have led to causing pain in your elbow, then it is essential to adopt specific techniques so that you can prevent that from reoccurring. If you are an athlete, you can discuss with your coach and adopt particular techniques to avoid any injury or pain in your elbow. 


Elbow pain can be caused due to various reasons in an individual. A certified and experienced physical therapist can be beneficial for guiding your specific ways to reduce elbow pain and educating you about ways to avoid pain or swelling in your elbow. 

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