How to Reduce The Risk of Fragile Products.

The basic need of product’s packaging is to provide ultimate protection to the packed product, packaging is also crucial for the product’s promotion, but it is obvious that promotion can’t be done if product is not in its original shape.

If packaging is ruined and not in its actual shape it will never be able to promote your product. Both of these p’s work with mutual collaboration. Custom product boxes are designed especially to meet the needs of your marketing products. Whenever you need to deliver some delicate and fragile products, packaging companies offered you some packaging design with various types of inserts , these double packaging schema help you in delivering your fragile and delicate marketing products safely to the local market or at your customer’s door step.

  • Inserts

Inserts are very important for the safe delivery of those products which are filled in glass containers or are in delicate containers need some inserts which keep them safe from jerks and jumps during shipment. Custom vape cartridge boxes are always design with an insert. Inserts can be of several types.

  • Cardboard

Cardboard stock with a light thickness level is used to make inserts according to the shape of the product. These inserts make your product perfectly fit in the packaging box. These cardboard inserts are also used to fill in gaps and provide a secure packaging environment to your trading products.

  • PVC plastic

Clear PVC stock is used to design molded inserts for the cartridges, these clear plastic insert protects your trading items during shipment. These plastic inserts are light and thin but they can damage easily.

  • Kraft

Kraft stock is also used as insert similar to the cardboard. They are also used to fill gaps and can mold according to the product shape. Kraft insert are also thin and light weight that’s why they can tear easily.

  • Molded pulp inserts

These mold pulp inserts are mostly used to deliver eggs and other delicate products, these molds are sturdy and made of 100% eco friendly stock. It provides maximum product to your food items and other marketing products.

  • Punch partition

Punch partitions are mostly used to pack your products in standing positions. Custom vape display boxes are design with punch partition, this partition help you to present your product in a wholesale amount on the table top near the cash counter.

  • Bubble wrap

Bubble wrapping also provides protection to your product, this wrapping sheet is made of PVC material, bubble on the surface of this wrapping help to protect your product and keep them safe from any kind of breakage during shipment.

  • Eva foam

Eva foam inserts are used in luxury packaging and gift packaging, Custom vape gift boxes are always design with an Eva foam inserts, these foam are cut according to the shape of the vape product. Luxury vape boxes are design with these inserts some time silk coated foam is also used to make your vape packaging more luxurious and stylish.


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