How to Repair Toilet Leaks and Other Common Problems

 How to Repair Toilet Leaks and Other Common Problems

The toilet is one of the most common places where plumbing repairs occur. Most of the time you can deal with them yourself instead of calling a Plumber near me. But first you need to know some basic fundamentals of how the toilet system works.

What To Do When You Have Flushing Problems

First double-check whether the water supply is turned on. Problems with flushing usually occur when there’s some kind of an object or an obstacles in the flush tank blocking the flow of water. Replacing the valve will most likely solve it. You don’t even have to get a plumber for that, as the valve wears out over time and it will need a replacement. Also try tightening the handle, as it may have gotten loose and the problem will likely be solved.

Dealing With Overflow

Your flush tank may overflow if a lever or a flush ball is worn out. An indication of this issue is the flow of water even after you let go of the flush handle or you hear sounds after you flush. And another one would be damaged refill valve. Checking the condition of it will let you know if you should replace it or just clean it up.

Tank leaks

Sometimes the problem could be in the toilet itself. See if there are loose bolts and tighten them up, and you might have just fixed the problem. Now if you get a crack in the tank, then it needs to be replaced.

What To Do With Non-Stop Water Flow

The best way to fix this is to move the float ball, as it’s probably sitting a little to high. Changing it’s position may solve it. If your toilet comes with water intake assembly, adjusting the clip attached to the rod will lower the water level.

Water Leaks Through Handle And Flush Valve

If discover water leaks coming from the handle, then one solution might be to reposition the flush ball again. As the flush ball may be sitting to high causing water leaks to occur. If however you find a crack on the flush, that might as well cause the discharge of water. The only solution for this is replacement of the valve.

Moisture And Condensation Around The Tank

This is pretty common in the cold weather. What you can do is put some insulation around the tank, as it will lower the chance of moisture. You can buy it at a hardware store. And it’s pretty easy to install.

These tips can help you avoid dealing with costly toilet repairs, as quiet often they can be fixed by yourself.

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