How to resolve the error on the printing machine?

 How to resolve the error on the printing machine?

Printer devices can face errors while connecting or taking printouts. Your printer can get issues due to numerous reasons. Most of the printer-related errors can get resolved manually. Whenever the printer shows an error, try to inspect the possible causes. Get your printer device repaired before you face any issues in your business. 

Printing connection error

If the printer is showing a connection error, check its cable. Go to the PC and remove the cable. If you see any kinks on the USB then get a new cable for the printer. Don’t use a loose cable for the printer. After connecting the printer with a new cable; check the connection status. If your printer is connected wirelessly, check the router and printer settings. Restart the WPS and retry to connect the printer. Go to the printer and check its wireless connection settings. Enable the printer for wireless connection and search for the network. After connection, take a network printout and check its SSID and connection status. When both details are correct; open a document and take the printout. 

Printer is offline

Some users reported that their printer gets offline and shows Epson error 0xf1. Whenever you get this error, restart the printer. This error occurs when the printer is facing some runtime error. The error can get repaired easily by restarting it. To perform a power restart; you have to remove the power cable while the printer is ON. After 30 seconds, reconnect the cable and the printer must start automatically. All your printer services will start running. The printer will start taking commands and printing documents.

Run a printer troubleshooter

Some printer errors can get resolved by running the printer troubleshooter. Connect the printer to a Windows PC and search the printer troubleshooter. Select your printer name and run the troubleshooter. It will start searching for files that are causing the error. Troubleshooters will repair those files and then show a report. Check the printer status and try to take a printout of your document.

Cartridge error

A printer can get cartridge-related errors due to various reasons. The printer shows a cartridge error when it can’t recognize it. The error mainly occurs when the user installs a new cartridge on the printer. You have to install the new cartridge carefully on the printer. Many printer models don’t recognize the clone cartridges. You should only use the original cartridge on your printer. If you can’t afford the original one then you can use the empty cartridges and refill them. Get good quality ink for refills. Sometimes the printer also shows errors while reading the refilled cartridge. For this error, remove all the cartridges from your printer. Now install those cartridges one by one and check the slots. The printer will recognize your refilled cartridge easily.

Not printing error

Whenever your printer stops printing, check its driver. Every printer requires software to communicate with the PC. You have to install this driver on the PC and then take the printouts. When your printer stops working, inspect its driver. If the software is outdated; install the new update. When its files are not working; use a driver repair tool. It will check those files and fix them. One of the easiest methods is to reinstall the driver. Click on the driver and remove it from the PC. Now reinstall it and check for the error.

Slow printing

The printer runs slowly when you are taking high-quality printouts. Black and white printouts take less time in printing than colored ones. The printing speed is reduced when you are using a slow-speed cable. Use original high-speed cable for taking your printout. Your printer takes more time in wireless printing. Keep the printer near the router for better connection and speed. When you are in a hurry, use the cable for a printer connection. In an old printer, you can improve the speed by switching the printing mode.

Use normal or low-quality mode and your printer speed will increase. But use this mode only for taking simple printouts. For color printouts; reset the print setting to high-quality. Sometimes the printer speed gets affected when the print-head is not moving correctly. You can use the utility function to clean the head. After cleaning it will start running with better speed.


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