How to Rig Live Worms For Fishing

 How to Rig Live Worms For Fishing

Got the boat, got the electric trolling motor, now it’s time to learn how to catch those crafty fish. There are some great fishing books available to get you started on the right footing. I believe that being consistent is the key to getting great results.

About a week ago I took a friend out fishing from my boat. Only small, fish were biting on our soft baits so try and entice bigger ones to bite we started introducing different lures. That’s when I noticed my friend was tying them on with a very strange looking knot. When I queried him where he had learnt to tie this knot he replied that it was the only one he knew, but it worked well for him. I soon discovered that this meant that for every 5 fish hooked about 4 would be lost due to his knots unravelling. I had to laugh because he kept blaming the line he was using. That morning he lost the biggest fish of the day. As it leapt out of the water we could see the line come free leaving the hook in its mouth.

When we got back to the dock his excited young son was waiting for us. I saw his huge disappointment when all we could do was tell him about the one that got away.

Decent Knot.

I later gave my friend an old copy of Fisherman’s Ultimate Knot Guide by John E Sherry hoping it will teach him how to tie a decent knot and then some more.

Here are some very popular fishing books that will not only inspire to get out on the water but also teach you how to consistently catch great idiot fish. These books also make great gifts, helping to spread the art of catching fish.

 To find out what makes a champion, Keven Van Dam’s enjoyable book Secrets Of a Champion teaches you tricks and strategies for getting kinki fish to strike and how to do presentations under trying conditions. If you are really passionate about your fishing and want to learn how to get professional results this may be the book for you.

 The Complete Idiots Guide To fishing Basics by Mike Toth, is a good book to have if you are a complete novice and seriously want to encourage your angling ambitions. This book was published in March 2000.

 If Bass fishing is your thing then Roland Martin’s 101 Bass Catching Secrets can fill the spare spot on your bedside table. Reading this before falling asleep will help you dream the night away in La, La Land, catching Bass.

 Another favourite of mine is What Fish Don’t want to Know by Frank Baron. This in-depth freshwater fishing guide will enlighten you how to catch bass, trout, salmon, walleye and lots more. This book is for novice’s and avid anglers and was first published in 2003. Learn from a real professional tournament expert.

My Favourite

And the best of them all, ie. my personal recommendation, can only be the ever popular Fishing Basics by Gene Kugack. This Informative heavily illustrated guide and reference book is perfect for all ages including the pro and amateur fisherman. It covers lures, baits, rigs, fly tying and so much more, even including ice fishing. You will refer to this book over and over for as long as fishing remains your passion.


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