How to Set Personal Goals You Can Achieve

 How to Set Personal Goals You Can Achieve

Time is one of the greatest commodities a person has. It’s often said that life is a gift, and that’s why you’re supposed to enjoy the present. However, if you’re not careful, life can fly by. One of the best ways to make the most of your time involves making sure you set goals. As it relates to your career, it’s pretty common to set professional goals. However, you don’t want to forget about your personal life. Knowing this, consider the best ways to set personal goals to enhance your life.

1. Start Small

If you want to lose 100 pounds within the next two years, this can be a very overwhelming feat to accomplish. While it’s more than doable, that number can still seem large. Knowing this, break a large goal into smaller goals. Instead of saying that you’d like to lose 100 pounds, focus on losing one pound a week. Set a goal of losing four pounds each month. While the process of losing 100 pounds can take a long time, the time will pass anyway. By breaking a goal down into smaller chunks, you’re more likely to create a lifestyle that helps you remain consistent. Ultimately, you’ll achieve your desired results in the long run.

2. Establish Sources of Accountability

Your environment can directly impact your ability to achieve a goal. Consider the 100-pound weight loss goal. If you’re surrounded by people who love to eat junk food, chances are you’re going to get tempted and fall off the wagon. You’ll have to build discipline into your routine. You’ll also need to be around people who will keep you accountable. If you are in the area, consider hiring a life coach in NYC who can remind you of your goals and provide strategies for success. When you have a certain level of built-in accountability, it’s harder to slack off.

3. Break Down Your Process

Take time to dissect your process. If you’re working on getting out of debt, you can’t just wish for it. You’ll need to break down your process to see how you got into debt, what boundaries you’ll need to put in place, and what’s sitting at the root of your credit card debt. For some, spending is emotionally connected to trauma. In breaking down your relationship with money (food, alcohol, etc.), therapy might be a great resource to tap into. When you deal with the root issues, you can set the right foundation for success. If you don’t address the root and climb out of credit card debt, it’s only a matter of time before you dive back into the hole.

4. Set Time Limits

If you’re prone to procrastination, carry a timer with you. Most people keep their phones within arm’s reach. Consider using your phone’s alarm clock or a separate timer for various tasks you need to accomplish. Consider how long a certain task takes. Then, set the timer and focus. Once that timer goes off, move on to the next task. When you have a physical reminder of how quickly time passes, it’s much easier to budget your time better and focus. Another great tool for setting time limits is the Pomodoro Method. Taking breaks in between larger tasks can help you break up the monotony and recharge your brain to keep. Goals help you make the most of the time you have. By using an alarm clock, you’ll become more aware and mindful of ways to improve your time management skills.

5. Celebrate Your Small Wins

Don’t forget to incentivize the journey. When you work hard, allow yourself to play hard as well. If you’re trying to lose weight, reward yourself with something other than food. You might opt to celebrate a five-pound weight loss with fly workout clothes. If you’re working to get out of debt, set aside a few dollars as money you can blow on something enjoyable like a massage. While you can’t rely on incentives to be disciplined, incentives are meant to be simple motivators to keep going.

If you’re someone who’s used to setting New Year’s resolutions or creating vision boards, you know how to dream and consider what’s possible. However, it’s another experience to turn those dreams into reality. By creating a solid plan that’s comprised of specific goals, you can achieve your dreams and transform the trajectory of your entire life.

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