How to Shrink Pores? Everything You Need to Know

 How to Shrink Pores? Everything You Need to Know

Pores are generally small openings on the skin. Although your skin becomes problematic when it comes to them getting blocked. But still, they are essential for your skin health. Underneath our skin, there are follicles of hair. These follicles allow the nutrients to travel up to the skin surface. So the sebum and nutrients secrete into the skin through the holes. It moisturizes the surface. Although they are necessary, their size and appearance are a problem.

What Influences the Size of the Pores?

This can happen because of:

  • Inheritance
  • Aging
  • Sunlight exposure
  • Oily skin
  • Skin losing collagen

They become more visible when the skin accumulates debris and sebum. You can’t finish them or change their appearance.

Ways to reduce Pores’ Size

You might get frustrated when they desperately want to get rid of them. You feel like poking and pinching them. But this won’t work. Rather it would make your skin damage. Sometimes, it might even enlarge them. So you need to gently cleanse or scrub the face.

Secondly, you need to search for the correct products. That suits your skin. Avoid such makeup or cosmetics that surely block the pores. You would get thousands of cleansers. But choose the one containing natural and less harmful ingredients. Next, buy a moisturizer that does not increase the oiliness of the face.

Use Right Products

Searching for the right products. You need the Belle Cote Paris products for your skin. Also, skin demands cleansing after exposure to the dirt from the surrounding. You would follow a balanced sequence for the cleansing routine. Not using too many products or using too less ones. Scrubbing is the foremost step to clear off the pores from impurities like dead skin cells.

The scrub would fade off the extra sebum from the face. Mostly the chemical scrubs contain AHA’s and BHA’s. Also, glycolic acid is used for extracting the dead skin. Use salicylic acid and BHA together for restraining the sebum from the skin. In particular, masks are used after exfoliation. Masks made from clay or mud are common. They withdraw the unwanted sebum from the skin.

After that, start using the retinol. Because they chemically, boost the formation of new cells. And restrict the accumulation of dead cells in the skin. Then, when you use them with vitamin A. it helps to extract the impurities from the pores. Also, the pores become minimized. As they reduce the opening of sebum glands.

The sunblocks are crucial for your skin’s protection. Because they not only prevent skin discoloration. But also, the skin gains elasticity. So the pores become tight and not too visible on the skin. Use a sunscreen greeter than SPF 50. Although makeup is used for covering the skin problems like pores.

But when you apply a thick layer of makeup the pores gain the impurities. So it blocks them. After that, it causes acne becomes of the oiliness. Next, when you apply a highlighter it again makes the pores prominent.

The Belle Cote Paris Skin Treatment

We deal with every problematic skin. By using the best natural ingredients. We know deeply about the problems your skin faces when the pores get choked. Therefore, we have launched products that would reduce the pores. So that dirt doesn’t accumulate in them.

The marine volcanic mud cleanser by Belle Cote Paris

This cleanser deeply clears the pores opening. So that they are diminished. It vanishes the unwanted sebum produced by the skin. Also, it heals the damage regions of the skin.

Main ingredients

It has volcanic mud, ashes, tea tree extract, and camphor.

Azelaic toner by Belle Cote Paris

The toner is made from salicylic acid as well as azelaic acid. It withstands the formation of blackheads. Also, it reduces the pores. So the sebum is controlled.

Main ingredients

It has salicylic acid, tea tree extract, azelaic acid.

Collagen tightening mask by Belle Cote Paris

We have used natural substances like sea minerals, to restore the layer of skin. Also, this mask would tighten up the skin. Therefore, the pores would also become tightened up. And they would shrink.

Main ingredient

Sea minerals, collagen, and algae.

Also, you can learn about more skin remedies on with other skincare products that are best suited for your skin. Visit

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