How to speed up the repair of Broken bones

A broken bone, also known as a fracture in common terms, is a medical ailment that occurs when a break goes through a bone of your body. However, breakage of a bone is very common and can be treated easily. Most of us have broken or will break our bones once in a while along the line. So if you’re someone whose daily routine has slowed down due to a broken bone, here’s some good news for you. You can get back to your daily routine and activities once it’s healed; all you have to do is give some time and make sure that your bone heals safely and properly. 

The healing speed is different from person to person. The healing process depends on different factors such as the injury, the health of a person, the recovery capacity of a person, etc. 

There are different ways to heal a broken bone. If you feel that you have a broken bone, then visit the best orthopedic doctor in Bangkok.

Ways to Heal a Broken Bone

The best orthopedic doctor in Bangkok, will use different ways to heal the bone such as:-

Traditional cast: 

Once you’re done with the surgery, the best orthopedic doctor in Bangkok will keep your bone immobilized with the help of plaster.

Functional cast:

In a functional cast, the injured person will be able to have some movements of the nearby joints. This cast will provide more mobility and is more convenient. 

Open reduction: 

This method is then followed when there is a severe injury. The bone is repositioned in this method. The open reduction is made through internal fixation as well as external fixation. 

What are the different ways to Speed Up the Repair of Broken Bone at Home?

Healing a broken bone may take up a lot of time if not done correctly. Given this, the best care is done at home. This is why our experts believe that you should spend most of your healing time at home. For this, given below are different ways to speed up the repair of broken bones at home. 

Get proper rest: 

The most important way through which the bone can be healed is by getting proper rest. You need to ensure that you are limiting the use of that body part. For instance, if your right hand is fractured then you need to stop using that hand for any activity and give it sufficient rest. 

Taking protein supplements: 

As you might be aware, the major component in the bone is protein. The injured person has to take the necessary protein supplements. The supplements will help to rebuild the bone and help them to heal quickly. Also, if the injured person has protein deficiency, they may develop a rubbery callus instead of a solid callus. Lastly, the injured person should consume protein-rich foods such as eggs, fish, meat, etc.

Take necessary antioxidants: 

The injured person has to take antioxidants as they help in eliminating free radicals that are created because of the damage to the body. The fracture results in tissue damage, and antioxidants will help in healing the broken bone. Antioxidants can be found in different foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. If the doctor has recommended an antioxidant medicine, then it should be taken without fail. 

Taking other supplements: 

The injured person should also take other supplements such as mineral and vitamin supplements. Taking these supplements will promote the creation of protein, increase cellular activities and improve bone healing. The doctor will have prescribed mineral or vitamin medicines, and they should be taken without fail. 

Doing Regular exercise: 

Please consult with your orthopaedist before you start exercising, as it should be done during a specific stage. Exercise is an efficient and effective way to speed up the repair process of broken bones. Also, when the doctor gives a green signal to start exercising, remember to do it under the supervision of a physiotherapist. 

Stop smoking: 

It has been observed that people experience slow healing due to smoking. So if you have a broken bone, then avoid smoking to improve the healing process. 

Final Thoughts Follow these methods and ways to improve the healing process of the broken bone. For more guidance, you can contact the best orthopedic doctor in Bangkok.


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