How To Spot A Fake Smartphone Accessory

 How To Spot A Fake Smartphone Accessory

If you are planning to buy a Refurbished Mobile, the only information you get about the device is about its functional ability. Most of the buyers do not think about the originality of the accessories that come along with the device like chargers or headphones. Therefore, the buyer can’t understand the quality of the accessories. Fake accessories or mobile parts are not only dangerous for your wallet but also for the phone itself. Here is an article that will help you to understand various ways to falsify smartphone accessories. However, first you need to know why it is important to use compatible accessories with your smartphone. 

Most smartphone users are not tech-savvy, which makes them unaware of the importance of using compatible devices and accessories. Fake accompaniments can create problems with the functionalities of your product. Suppose you have a refurbished iPhone and you are using a fake charger. In that case, it can lead to low charge speed issues, low battery life, and sometimes battery burst. There have been several reports of fake accessories causing severe damage to the smartphone. Therefore, buyers must be cautious while buying a refurbished phone with accessories. 

Now the question is, if you can get accessories while you buy refurbished smartphones. It entirely depends on the retailer. You can know about the products in the description. Therefore, look carefully and double check the product before using it. 

How to identify fake smartphone accessories?

If you are buying the refurbished smartphone accessories from a third part, you must understand the compatibility of the devices. Here are some tips on how to identify fake accessories for your smartphone. 

For apple phones, accessories are more expensive than the device itself. Here’s how you can identify the originality of the product. 

  • Writing and packaging on the product– certified apple accessories will have certain writing on the product and packaging. I know it as MFI certification which will help you with the authenticity of the product. 
  • Laser etchings and connectors– the charging cables and other accessories have a unique fact that is apple’s original creation. Therefore, the counterfeit can only work on the outside to mimic the product similar to Apple’s, whereas the insides can easily be detected. 

There are different ways to detect the fake accessories of different brand products of android users. Since, the top most bought Android smartphones are either of the three, OnePlus, Samsung, and Xiaomi, here are some guides related to the three brands which help to identify false smartphone accessories. 

Samsung– there are multiple ways through which you can identify original and fake Samsung accessories. Here are some tips on how you can find the difference between real and fake Samsung chargers. 

  • Logo- when you are going to buy a Samsung charger, look at the logo. The logo of a fake charger has a thicker alphabet, “A” than the original one. 
  • Back of the charger- when you turn the fake Samsung charger, you will see A+ mentioned along with “made in china” imprinted. Original charger will have none of these mentioned. 
  • Heat- Samsung chargers usually last for long periods. However, if you find you new accessory heating up after a few uses, it is surely fake. 

OnePlus- there is a unique way to understand the fake accessory of the famous OnePlus brand. When you plug in the dash charger to your one plus, it will automatically show the flash sign for charging rather than showing a typical battery sign. However, if the flash sign does not change, the charger of the OnePlus is a fake. 

Xiaomi- One of the unique features of MI chargers is that the length of the charger is exactly 120cm. If you have bought a charger for your refurbished Xiaomi smartphone, look for the length of the charger to detect if it’s original. 

Where will you get the original smartphone accessories? 

When you are planning to buy a refurbished phone, it can be complicated. However, if you find a reliable retailer, you will not be at loss. Although the best way not to deal with fake accessories is to buy it directly from the manufacturers or from sites like Mobigarage. If you have a Refurbished iPhone, then buy the smartphone accessory from a certified apple store. However, it can be pretty expensive. Often companies have third party retailers who are certified to sell the smartphone products. You might need to conduct a thorough research to find such a retailer for your smartphone. Lastly, no matter from where you buy your smartphone accessory from, there is no harm to check if the parts are real or fake and if it is working alright. 

Final Words

Smartphone accessories are an integral part of the longevity of your refurbished phone. Although in most cases, you might have to buy accessories like chargers and headphones separately, it is important to check if you face problems with your smartphones. In most cases, the fault lies within the accessory which you might have ignored to check before buying. With Mobigarage, you can remain stress-free as it provides authentic and original accessories with smartphones at affordable prices. 

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