How to Start a Podcast: 5 Important Steps

 How to Start a Podcast: 5 Important Steps

Can you believe that in 2020, over 155 million people listened to a podcast each week? Podcasts are becoming an ever-growing craze, some even saying they are the new YouTube.

That popularity is only growing. With 800,000 podcasts out there, it seems like everyone and their mother is getting into podcasting.

Are you interested in getting in on this trend? Here is your guide on how to start a podcast.

How To Start A Podcast 101

Several factors go into starting a podcast. A marketable podcast requires a niche, a name, an episode structure, cover-art, and professional recording equipment.

1. Have A Niche For Your Podcast

Your podcast needs to have a niche. While the conversations in your podcasts can take on various forms, your niche is the umbrella under which all discussions should shelter.

Various types of podcasts exist that appeal to different audiences. One notably famous podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, mostly appeals to American men due to his understanding of what men like—primarily sports, entertainment, and beer. A podcaster needs to find a niche that will appeal to a specific demographic if they want to get any listeners.

2. Pick A Good Name

You should pick a concise name that is catchy and creative but doesn’t lose sight of the ultimate theme. The best podcast names don’t go overboard on sounding unique but keep things simple and to the point.

3. Have An Episode Structure

Your listeners will get confused if all your podcasts episodes are all over the place. You want to follow a clear episode structure. There is room for some deviation, but the typical format should stay consistent.

This can be most effectively done by having a podcast script. Having everything segmented out and making sure episodes are consistent is key to success. Make sure all the material in the script is relevant to your subject matter and your audience.

4. Have Appealing Cover Art

The cover art of your podcast functions much like a movie poster. Nowadays, with people so driven by images, there’s got to be some visual appeal to win people over. If you are not artistic, be willing to hire a graphic designer.

You can also hire a podcasting agency to help you with this need and many others such as editing, sound, advertising, booking guests, etc.

5. Have Professional Recording Equipment

You’re not going to succeed with cheap equipment. People can hear when something is wrong with the audio.

You need a good quality microphone, a screen to avoid popping sounds, noise-canceling headphones, and audio editing software for podcasting. While this may seem like a lot, think of it as an investment to get the ideal podcasting experience.

More Tips For Success

Now you have some basic knowledge of how to start a podcast. While there is much more to consider, these podcast tips are a great starting point.

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