How to Stop Glasses from Fogging Up While Wearing a Mask

 How to Stop Glasses from Fogging Up While Wearing a Mask

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The most common problem that people with glasses are facing while wearing a mask is the occurrence of fog on the glass. Every time you need to remove your glasses and clear them whenever the fog occurs.

Due to the harsh impact of COVID-19, everybody needs to wear a mask but the common problem of foggy glass makes them irritated. No matter how good your mask is the possibility of fogging the glasses will still be there. UV Face Mask is a unique mask that comes with multiple filtration layers that help in filtering even the smallest dust particles and give you clean breathing. The UV Face Mask purifies both the air inhaled and exhaled, which increases safety for the user and those around. But there are some tricks to prevent your glasses from fogging while wearing a mask

Use a nose clip:

The main reason your glasses are getting foggy while wearing a mask is that the masks are not properly fit your face and also make sure that there should be no air gap on your nose bridge. If there is any gap between your nose bridges then you can use a nose clip to cover the gap. Pinch the nose clip to tighten the mask over your nose bridge because your warm breath makes the glass foggy. Well, if you don’t have an adjustable nose clip then you can opt for paper clips or twist ties.

Wash with soapy water:

This is a very simple method and you will not need many things to help you out, just soapy water or detergent water is sufficient. All you need to do is to remove your foggy glasses and clean them with soapy water and dry them from sometimes. After your glasses are dry, clean them with a soft cloth gently and you are all done.

The soap water puts a thin layer of soap molecules over your glasses that prevents the glass from fogging.

Spritz with antifog lens spray:

Well, if both of the above tricks are of no use then get an antifog spray from any medical or commercial shop. The antifog spray can coat your glasses with a protective film that prevents the forming of fog in your glass. Just make sure to get a good brand antifog spray that does not damage the protective coating of your glasses.

Tuck in your mask:

Most of the healthcare members and doctors follow this technique to prevent fogging of glasses. Well, we know that when there is a gap in your mask, the warm air from your mouth moves from the nose bridge and create a fog on your glass. To prevent that you can use your glasses, try to wear your glasses over the edge of your mask and make sure that it blocks the nose bridge gap. This is the easiest method to prevent fogging of glasses.

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