How to troubleshoot the Wifi error on the printer?

 How to troubleshoot the Wifi error on the printer?

New printer devices are Wi-Fi compatible. The user can easily connect the printer to a PC/phone using the Wi-Fi directly or using the shared network. In the home network, you can add the printer to the network and then access a single printer from all the devices. But the printer often shows issues while connecting the Wi-Fi. The wifi error can appear due to printer settings or router issues.

Common causes behind printer Wi-Fi connection error

  1. Physical WPS pin is not available
  2. Your phone/PC OS is not compatible 
  3. The firewall is restricting your printer connection
  4. You are using an unsecured internet connection
  5. The printer is not within the router’s range
  6. Wi-Fi is not working on printer/PC

Troubleshooting printer Wi-Fi connection error

Run a printer troubleshooter

Whenever the printer shows a Wi-Fi connection or any error; use the printer troubleshooter. This inbuilt tool will inspect for all your printer-related errors. Go to the PC and navigate to the Printer Troubleshooter. Run your tool and it will start searching for the printer error. It will repair the errors automatically and then you can easily connect the printer to Wi-Fi.

Inspect the Wi-Fi settings

Your device will get errors when the Wi-Fi settings are not correct. For connecting the printer via Wi-Fi; you have to change the setting. Go to the printer and check its screen. Choose the menu button and go-to connection. Select Wireless connection setting and hit on Wi-Fi option. Now you have to enable the printer’s Wi-Fi button. Tap on the button and the Wi-Fi lamp must start blinking to search the network. On the router, enable your WPS pin within 2 minutes. Your printer will start searching all nearby networks. Check the list of networks and select your network. Once the printer gets connected, take the printouts.

Repair the printer software

When you share the printer on the network; you can access it from several devices. But the printer will only receive the commands when you have its driver. Before searching the printer on the network from the PC, check for the driver. If you don’t have the printer software then install it. Check the printer’s model name and number. Search its driver on the web and install it on your device. After installing, search the printer again. The printer will start receiving commands when it finds the correct driver. If you already have a driver but still Brother printer Wifi not working then check for its update. Open the driver and install the new update. When the software files are corrupted; you should reinstall them. Remove your corrupted printer software and then get a new driver on your PC.

Try to use the USB cable

If your printer is showing a Wi-Fi error, try to use the USB cable. Make sure the printer is working on a wired connection. If the printer is taking commands; the Wi-Fi setting is corrupted. But when the printer is not working even in wired connection; check for other errors. Sometimes, malware can also interrupt the connection. On PC, run a malware scan. Use personal antivirus which can remove all types of malware from the computer. Wait until the malware scan process completes. Now restart your device and reconnect the printer using Wi-Fi. 

Reset the printer device

Your printer can get into Wi-Fi connection issues due to invalid settings. Many people start getting this error after they make any changes to the printer. You can fix the error by reverting the changes. But people often forget the settings on the printer. To fix this, you can try resetting the printer device. After reset, your printer will get into inbuilt settings. You can reconfigure it with the PC and take the printouts. Check the printer screen and click on settings. Choose the reset option and select Factory reset. Your printer will appear with factory settings. Start configuring the printer to the network. Search the network and add your printer device. After connection, the printer will start printing the required documents.

Check the router

For connecting the printer to the network, you require the correct password. Recheck the password for the connection. Never connect the printer to an open network. Secure your Wi-Fi with a password and then you can connect to the printer. If you forget the printer’s password then reset the printer. Now use the default password for the connection. After connection, set a new password for accessing your printer device securely.


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