How to Update Product Stock Programmatically in Magento 2

 How to Update Product Stock Programmatically in Magento 2

Product Stock Programmatically

Product stock is an essential thing that the admin needs to manage to avoid out-of-stock situations in Magento web development Sydney. Admin can set up Product Stock in Magento 2 to manage store inventory. 

If the product stock is configured, the stock data is updated when the products are sold out. Admin can quickly get Product Stock Information in Magento 2 for smooth inventory management. 

Magento 2 store admin can also update the product stock programmatically. Let’s check out the steps for the same as mentioned. 

Steps to follow for Update Product Stock Programmatically in Magento 2

Step 1: If you need to create a “Data.php” file inside our extension at the following path


Now add the code

Step 2: Explain the helper class and use it per your requirement. You must pass product id as a first argument and stock data in an array as a second argument. Following is an example of a stock data array.

Default Magento 2 product status options

First of all, you want to set up general inventory settings to execute. For this execution, you have go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Catalog > Inventory. 

Navigate to the Stock Option block and set up the number of items that will enable the Only X to leave a message in the Only X left Threshold field. For example, if you enter 10, the message appears when there are ten or fewer products in Stock. By default, the value is 0; in this case, the message does not appear. 

To allow in stock or out-of-stock messages, set yes in the Display products availability in Stock on Storefront field and save the changes.

To get the change of a particular product stock status, go to Catalog>Products, find the needed product, and click on the Edit button. Then, discover the Source Item Status field and choose In Stock or Out of Stock status. 

Also, you also have to set up the Notify quantity field. Enter the number of things in stock that will activate the out-of-stock notification. When you are ready, you have to save configurations.

Getting stock quantity on Magento 2 product page

Showing stock quantity on the Magento 2 product page can increase product sales, create urgency, and boost your conversion rate. 

When people see only a few items left, they are more likely to make purchasing decisions immediately. By this way, you can use this tool to boost your revenue.

Getting product stock status in Magento 2?

To get Magento 2 product stock status, you may use default Magento functionality extensions. In vanilla Magento, you can set in, out of Stock, and Only X left grades. 

For creating a own custom product stock status, you can install extension of Custom Stock Status. Get the details below.

Out-of-stock notifications

Another option for extending the default Magento 2 product status in Magento development Sydney is by getting your customers the opportunity to subscribe to stock products. 

So they can be informed as soon as the desired effect is back in Stock. Out of Stock Notifications plugin or extension, you can not only send emails to your customers but also notify admins about the low Stock and new subscriptions automatically. 

Besides, for example, you can use this extension to alert your customers about price changes for goods in case of promotion. 

Use the analytics dashboard to check the statistical data, make data-driven decisions, control all stock and price subscriptions, and track them in a handy Magento product status table.

How to display Magento stock availability?

To show Magento stock availability on the frontend, go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Catalog > Inventory and open the Stock Options section. Find the Display products availability in Stock on the Storefront field and set it to Yes. Save the changes. 

As a final result, your customers will see the “In Stock or “Out of Stock” message on the product page of specific item.

How to create Magento 2 stock status programmatically?

Creating Magento 2 stock status programmatically is a complex technical task requiring much knowledge and experience. 

This recommends you use ready-made solutions for this project to a professional Magento 2 development team. Learn more about the custom development service or leave a request.

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