How To Use Pinterest To Increase Your Shop Sales

 How To Use Pinterest To Increase Your Shop Sales

Pinterest is an easy way to organize your favorite products and styles, but did you know that Pinterest To Increase also one of the best ways to get your shop noticed? Pinterest To Increase true! When you share your wares on Pinterest, you give people who love what you do a place to collect and discuss them with others, helping to expand your audience and even make more sales in the process.

To help get you started, we’ve put together this guide on how to use Pinterest to increase your shop sales today!

The Basics

Before you begin sharing your items on Pinterest, it’s a good idea to follow a few basic rules. First, make sure that you optimize each product page before you pin any products. (You want everyone who clicks on your pins—and yes, they do—to see beautiful product images.) You can also make things easier for your audience by categorizing or tagging your pins correctly.

Set Up An Account

First, you have to set up a business account on Pinterest. If you don’t already have one, go here and follow these instructions for setting one up. After that, you can start creating boards. You should create at least two: one for your shop or brand and another that has products similar to yours.

 You can add products from other shops onto your competitor board as well—this way you can see what is selling well (and not so well) in your niche. Create Boards: Next, it’s time to create some actual boards!

Create Boards

Creating a Shop board on Pinterest is an effective way of organizing all your shop pins in one place, and making them easy to find. To start, add all of your shop boards from your website (if you have them). When planning out what categories you want to organize by, think about how many boards you need for each category: for example, if you’re creating 5-10 products per month, a maximum of 4-5 shop boards might be sufficient.

Pin Like A Pro

According to E-consultancy, Pinterest drives more traffic to retailers than YouTube and Twitter combined. It also boosts engagement rates by 400% compared with Facebook, and 83% of users say that they plan on making a purchase after visiting a brand’s board. Those are some impressive numbers!

We at Mynt provide you with an easy way for your shop visitors to pin products from your site directly from our product pages using our Pin It button.

Create Rich Pins

If you have a large, high-quality photo or video that’s relevant to your brand and product or service, you may want to consider making it a Rich Pin. These Rich Pins look more like an image on your Pin board and show up in search results as a larger image. If someone clicks on one of your Rich Pins, it will take them directly into your shop where they can purchase that item.

Create Shoppable Pins

To make your boards shoppable, you’ll want to add buy buttons. It’s as simple as copy-pasting a few lines of code into your HTML editor, and it will take just a couple of minutes. Once you have that set up on your site, Pinterest will automatically create those links for you when users share one of your products.

 You can also use third-party apps like Tailwind or Board Booster, which allow you to schedule pins in advance and connect them with external ecommerce sites (like Etsy or Amazon). Just remember that if someone clicks on a pin from your shop page and buys something from an external website, Pinterest won’t give you any credit for the sale.

Expand Beyond Pins

If you’re looking to grow your ecommerce business and gain more revenue, take advantage of all that Pinterest has to offer. The platform is a powerful way for shop owners to showcase their products and connect with customers who are already interested in what they sell. Here are some tips for growing your audience and creating excitement around your products on Pinterest

Promote With Pinterest Ads

Whether your shop is new or established, it’s a smart idea to invest in marketing. Paid ads allow you to display your pins prominently in people’s feeds, but they can be costly. If you aren’t sure how much of an investment you want to make in paid promotion, try running a couple of pin promotions before investing too heavily. This way, you’ll still reach a targeted audience without paying for impressions that don’t convert into sales.

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