How to verify food for safe use of the Toto site?

Prototo collects all major sites that have been operated stably for at least 4 years without a history of eating, and deposits a deposit of 100 million won and recommends them to you. You can use it freely from the scam that many people worry about, and if damage occurs, we guarantee the full amount of the winnings immediately, and if there is a scam among the guarantee companies, we immediately cancel the registration of the certified company. Prototo’s stable efforts for you are the result of a lot of hard work at the No. 1 eat-and-run verification site in the industry, and our community slogan contributes to developing a playground culture that all Toto users can use with confidence without worrying about eating and drinking. is to do.

Prototo, 먹튀 which is ranked No. 1 in the industry, operates a customer center that can help you verify your food and drink 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and also receives reports of food scams at all times. We will continue to strive for the convenience and safety of users and become your partner in the development.

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