How to view old Instagram Stories

 How to view old Instagram Stories

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You may have seen that a friend of yours on Instagram posted a Story, but for some reason you could not view it immediately, postponing it later, then you forgot and after 24 hours it disappeared. Same with your Instagram Stories, you wanted to see them again but they are gone. If you are wondering how to view old Instagram Story viewer, you should know that there are some solutions, including the Instagram Archive function , which allows you to access old published Stories. The Archive function is present on the official Instagram application for Android and iOS , it is not possible to perform this operation from a computer.

You probably did not know, but the Instagram Stories Archive is a native feature and allows you to keep published stories and view them later; by default it is already active but if in doubt, you can check its status by following the instructions below. After opening the application, enter the section dedicated to your profile by tapping on the little man icon, then tap on the little man icon to activate the camera and the Stories creation tool. Choose the gear icon that shows the section called Options related to Stories , scroll through wine to find Saving and then check that the Save to archive item is active, if not, activate it.

See your old Instagram Stories 

As you know, Instagram Stories are images that are shared in a special multimedia gallery that remains visible to users for a maximum of 24 hours, after which they disappear. In case you have activated the Stories Archive function, you will be able to see them again, even after the deadline. To do this you need to use the official Instagram application for mobile devices, excluding the one for Windows 10, which does not give this possibility.

From the main screen of the app, enter your profile, then tap on the clock icon located at the top right, in this way you can view the Archive section and find all the previously published stories, without any limit thunderstorm.

See the Instagram Stories of other users

Let’s assume that it is not possible to view the Archive of Stories of other users , the only way to see their old Instagram tracker is to view the Highlighted Stories section, which contain Stories that have no expiration and can be viewed at any time. To view a user’s Featured Stories , you must enter his profile, if they are present, they will appear under the biography, just tap to view them without any time limit. In this case, the Highlighted Stories can also be viewed from the official website of the social network, therefore using a common navigation browser.

How to publish old Instagram Stories

 The Stories that are in the Archive can be published again, whether they are photos or videos, to do so you need to go to the aforementioned section and tap on the clock icon and then press on the image you want to share again. . You can choose whether to highlight the Story, by pressing the Highlight button , or, to share it again for 24 hours, by pressing the Share button and then on Your Story. It is also possible to share a story as a post, by pressing on the symbol with the three dots and choosing “Share as post” then Next twice and confirm the publication with Share.


 After seeing how to reuse old Instagram Stories and republish them as Featured Stories or as new Stories, let’s explain how to publish old photos. As you all know, Instagram Stories contain images taken on the day of publication, but what if you have a beautiful photo that you want to show but from a few days or months before?

The solution is there and it is really very simple and within everyone’s reach, it will only take a few minutes to upload the old photo in the Instagram stories. Go to the gallery of your smartphone, locate the photo you want to upload to your Instagram Story; at this point, tap on the Edit item of the default editor used by the device to view and edit images.

It will be enough to apply a minimum change, even a crop of a millimeter and then save the photo, in this way the date of the file will be updated to the current day, in this way it will be possible to upload it and use it on Instagram Stories. When you click to upload images from the gallery, the old photo will also be shown and can be uploaded and published. If you want to make better changes to the image, you can also use a photo editor application and then save your work; equally the image will be shown in those available for publication as Instagram Stories.

Instagram update introduces the ability to post photos older than 24 hours

Several months ago Instagram decided to release an update that natively allows you to upload older photos to the Stories , a function that allows you to post photos and videos even if they were taken before the previous 24 hours. With the update, images older than one day have a date label, a sticker that can be edited or removed. This update does not seem to be available for all versions of Android, some older smartphones have to be content with using the system that we have previously indicated to upload old photos on Instagram Stories.

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