How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

 How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

Many people want whiter teeth, but they often don’t know how to whiten teeth naturally, without the use of whitening strips or other whitening products like whitening toothpaste. Fortunately, there are ways to whiten teeth naturally using things you have in your kitchen, and these methods are very effective in brightening your smile. Using these tooth-whitening techniques on a regular basis will help you get that radiantly white smile you’ve always wanted!

What you will need

-One cup of water -One tablespoon of baking soda -Cotton balls or gauze (optional) -Hydrogen peroxide (optional) -Toothpaste, optional This is a simple process that should only take about five minutes total. First, pour a cup of warm water into a glass. Then mix in one tablespoon of baking soda.

Use your hands and gently swirl everything together until there are no clumps left in your solution; any lumps can scratch your teeth, so be sure to use gentle strokes or stir sticks when mixing up your concoction. Add some liquid dish soap if you have it; dish soap will help break down stubborn stains and make them easier to brush away later on.

Next, wet your toothbrush with some warm water and dip it into your baking soda mixture. Brush all surfaces of every tooth thoroughly for at least 30 seconds. If possible, wet a cotton ball or small gauze pad with more baking soda mixture and rub along particularly stubborn areas like between teeth before brushing again for another 30 seconds.

Finally, rinse out with cool water for 60-90 seconds until mouth feels clean again. To whiten even further: Hydrogen peroxide works very well on its own as an alternative to straight bleach-and-toothpaste whitening kits; just put two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide in an empty mouthwash bottle and shake vigorously before using as normal!

Why this works and what it does

If a person is looking for information on how to whiten their teeth quickly, chances are that person is interested in not only whitening them but doing so without having to make too many changes in their everyday lives. As a result, these people are likely going to take a liking to your suggestions on how they can whiten their teeth naturally while they go about daily life.

A lot of people don’t have time or access to professional tools and equipment, so showing them that there are ways they can do it all themselves at home will be incredibly useful. People will relate well with you if you show them that you understand what it’s like and what they might feel while trying your solution because you had been there once yourself.

Side effects

While it might seem that tooth whitening is a quick fix for stained teeth, you should be aware of some possible side effects before using any of these products. Tooth sensitivity: In rare cases, tooth whiteners can cause gums and other soft tissues in your mouth to become sensitive. If a product causes your gums to become tender, you should discontinue use immediately.

Acne breakouts: Similar to tooth sensitivity, acne breakouts are another rare—but very real—side effect of over-the-counter teeth whiteners. To minimize possible breakouts, avoid applying product directly onto your skin or rubbing it into any sensitive areas of your face or neck.

Step by step instructions

As many of us have found out, white teeth aren’t something you are born with. After years of consuming delicious but cavity-causing foods, drinking lots of sugary drinks. And maybe even smoking (ugh), our teeth start turning yellowish or brown. While it’s natural to feel frustrated when your perfectly white smile gets a little less than perfect—don’t worry! It’s not permanent.

You can whiten your teeth naturally and quickly at home in five simple steps: 1. Get Rid of Stains From Foods and Drinks. If you’re like most people, you drink coffee, tea or soda every day and those things are known for staining teeth over time.

The end result

The fastest way to whiten teeth naturally is with a bleaching agent, either in toothpaste or in a home kit. If you opt for toothpaste (and there are many on the market that claim fast results). Use it daily, following up with flossing and mouthwash. If you want immediate results from a home kit, go ahead and invest in one; otherwise, try Crest 3D White Brilliance 2-Step System ($40).

The trays take just an hour and need be worn only once a day. And since they come right out of your mouth, no one has to know. You’re using them—which is great because it will save you major embarrassment if they don’t work as advertised! But more likely than not, your teeth will become at least several shades lighter after just two weeks of use.

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