How to Fix HP Printer not Printing Anything on Paper

 How to Fix HP Printer not Printing Anything on Paper

Hp printer is the most leading and popular brand for printing papers, but what happens if you will find your Hp printer is not printing. If it is, then it will be extremely frustrating for you. Here is “how to fix your HP printer not printing anything on paper issue” by using stepwise methods. If you are facing printing issues with your HP printer, here you will get complete information about its troubleshooting procedure.

How to fix HP printer not printing problem

The printer is not printing, a prevalent problem with your HP printer. It can happen because of multiple reasons; it could happen because of connectivity problems or driver issues.

If you are going through this problem and struggling to find a solution, “how do I get my HP printer to print?” you can give the methods as follows a try. These methods will help you in troubleshooting your HP printer won’t print problems.

Check your printer Status

To start, your HP printer is not-printing, troubleshooting process; first, you need to check the status of your printer. Here few points are described that will help you in understanding the status checking process of your HP printer.

You need to check that your printer has enough papers for printing if it doesn’t have papers for printing in the tray, then what it will print. So it must have enough papers.

Make sure that none of any paper is stuck or jammed in the paper feed. If there is any paper, then remove it very carefully without ruining the paper feeder or internal motor.

Check your Hp printer Ink toner; confirm that it is empty or full? If you know how to check the level of ink in your printer ink toner, then it is ok, but if you don’t know how to check the level of ink in your printer ink toner, then you can take help from your printers manuals. But, in new and latest types of Hp printer, you don’t need to face any trouble in checking the ink level, because it will display ink level on your Hp printer screen. So if you will find ink level is not maintained in your HP printer, then you need to keep it maintained for printing papers.

Restart your printer to fix HP printer not printing problem

In the troubleshooting process of your HP printer, the printing problem is easiest, and the first troubleshooting method is to restart your printer. Follow these easy steps to restart your Hp printer.

 Step 1: First, turn off your HP printer completely.

Step 2: Unplug all the power cord of your HP printer.

Step 3: Wait for around 30 seconds.

Step 4: Plug back the power cord of your HP printer.

Step 5: Power On your printer.

After completing the following steps, you need to print a paper to check whether it is printing. If you will find it is printing well, then it is ok. But it doesn’t, then move towards another method.

Check Connection

Sometimes the printing issue will arise because of improper connectivity or connection; the wrong connection will prevent your printer from performing printing action. So you need to check all connections carefully. Follow these steps to ensure the connection of your Hp printer.

Step 1: First, turn off all your connected devices.

Step 2: Check your printer is properly connected with your computer.

Step 3: The wire cable or network you use to connect your printer and computer is ok.

Step 4: If you find any fault in any connected cable or connection, then replace it with the new one.

Step 5: After replacing the faulty part and checking the connection, turn on your printer and computer.

Step 6: Now, check the status of the connection with your computer and printer.

So, these are the few easy steps that you should follow in the procedure of the connection checking process, and it is a must because sometimes a minor fault can create a major problem.

Remove and Reinstall your Printer

You can also try a method in which you need to first remove or uninstall your printer after that you need to reinstall it again, so this method is divided into two parts first one is Uninstall your HP printer, and the second is Reinstall your Hp printer. Follow the steps of both of the ways in the below section.

Uninstall Printer

Step 1: Click on your Start icon>>Select Settings.

Step 2:Devices>>Printer & Scanners.

Step 3: Find the Printer under Printer & Scanner.

Step 4: After finding your HP printer, select it.

Step 5: Now, select Remove device.

Reinstall Printer

Step 1: Click on Start button>> Settings on your system windows.

Step 2: Now, Devices>>Printer & Scanners.

Step 3: Now, select Add a printer or scanner.

Step 4: wait for a few minutes until your device finds a printer.

Step 5: Add a local or network printer with manual setting.

Step 6: Click on use an existing port LPT1 then click on Next

Step 7: From the left option (Manufacturer) choose the HP printer and from the left option (Printers) choose the model number & click on next.

Step 8: Rename and share your printer as you want. Click on Set as Default Printer and click on finish.

After completion of the following steps, your HP printer removing and reinstalling process both are done. But remember that this process is applicable to your wireless printer. If your printer is connected to a network, then your windows system finds it very easily.

How to Fix HP printer black ink not printing

The printer operates, but to fix this issue, HP Printer Not Printing Text or the printed page is blank or has very few ink Use only true HP cartridges. You can also remove only the three-color cartridge black cartridge for printing, replace any blank or defective cartridge, or wash the printhead.

HP proposes using real suppliers of HP ink or toner. HP can not ensure non-HP refilled cartridge performance or reliability. If you do not use real HP cartridges, the measures in this document may not fix the issue

Check the cartridge of your ink.

1.       Replace low-ink or blank ink cartridges.

2.       Ensure proper snapping and installation of ink cartridges in their suitable slot.

3.       Double check to ensure that when you entered a fresh container, you put the rope over the door.

4.       Check to block the cartridge pipes. Use a key to clean up the clog on the furnace to solve this.

5.       To determine if your printer can acknowledge cartridges, try using a distinct ink cartridge. Try reinstalling that ancient cartridge if your laptop used an ancient tool and see if your printer generates any kind of output – any shade of gray will.

We just need to determine whether the problem is caused by the cartridge or the printhead. If the ancient box enables you to type something on your laptop, it’s not the printhead. On the contrary, your fresh black cartridge may be defective and require replacement.

Check your Head of Print

1.      If it doesn’t work to change ink cartridges, the next thing to check is your printhead. Make sure you’re not clogging your printheads. Most printers have an automatic printhead cleaning function, but you can dry it continually if you can remove the printhead from your printer.

2.       If you do not operate the automatic printhead cleaning function once, run it a second or third time again. The quantity of times it is possible to operate the automatic washing function is limited. Not to be reminded, it utilizes a lot of ink to run the automatic printhead cleaning feature that helps hp printer print text!

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