Human Security And Their Possible Threats

 Human Security And Their Possible Threats

From the beginning of the world, security for humans matters a lot because only humans can think and plan security

issues in long run on this planet rest of living things are not much active in that area so for the safety and security of

humans some are the key areas which need to be consider when we talk about human security. Human security can

divided into multiple dimensions, but some are the main focus point through which can easily understand human

security and their related possible threats which associated with daily life because for all human life is a struggle

between the securities and opportunities.

Security in terms of economic

The all humans of this world need basic necessities for living and keep going normal life, but it is only available to

those who are earning something as the world mechanism based on the exchange of goods against the money, so if

the person has money it allows to buy things for the basic and more than basic necessities. Where as who has no

money and earnings, are not capable to fulfill the basic things for them and their family so the poverty level and the

unemployment is the core economical security for the human because without basic things human can’t survive too

long and that is the big insecurity to the life of humans in different regions. As different country reacts differently to

that matter so the policies also different for that economical security threat which is quite silent killer for the humans.

Food related security

Scarcity of food in the different areas of the country and the world leads to the big impression of threat on the human

life, as on the daily basis many human face deaths due to extreme hunger and non-availability of food, which is also

the responsibility of the government and at national level it should need to be handle. But that matter of insecurity due

to food scarcity no buddy takes on its priority because no any connected benefit with it, as now in the world trend is, if

have any benefit in return than the matter is important to the concerns otherwise no matter how big issue is, it will be

ignored and will be treated as unseen.

Heath related security

It is simple that human is very touchy and sensitive living thing on this planet earth, many things not suites the nature

of human here but as humans are here on earth only and no any other option available so for survival here and to face

health issue need health care sector health to over come on the diseases and infections. On the daily basis many

deadly diseases attaching on the humans due to climate change and unhealthy food, whereas unhealthy life style also

pushed humans towards the health risk, so the health security also a big matter for the survival of life, so hospitals

infrastructure and quantities with facilities matter a lot.

Environmental related security

As we know on the daily basis humans pushing world environment towards the worst with their different activities so

result nature also pushing humans in their own ways in form of earth quick, storms, natural disasters and sudden

change in natural available of resources, the pollution of different types leads to different changes. Which is not good

for human survival the lack of trees, polluted ocean and rivers, decrease in oxygen level which is the core and top

requirement of the human body and other livings, so all that factors are addressing high care at that area for the

ultimate security of humans by the environmental changes.

Community base security

As we all know humans are divided in different type and sub types, which means they have some categorization and

standards within the types so on the basis of that they are living their life, but the issue is that the communities also

have a different opinion and disputes which allow them to interact in any manners which is risky. The community

be on the basis of religion, color, language, identity and etc, so the dispute and tension could be start from anywhere

which means to control them and to put them in the limited circle need special team or forces to make sure security

their life, otherwise the tension between the humans unable to handle.

Personal care and security

For the general care and to maintain the decorum in the civil side many countries play with the rule to keep human

inline without physical violence and to reduce different kind of crimes from the country and then to the world level but

humans are not easy to control so always have chance of different violence activities. If the humans are not good with

each other its mean the personal security is on stake and can be turn in the big issue as well no matter it is major or

minor issue but if its between the human can be turn in any form either big or small war as well so for those nations

control it with different private and government forces like AmericanForeverSecurity.

Political base security

The political association and usage of human force against each other is the big risky practice as this invites big intra

war between the human which benefits only to the few people which are on top and they put rest of their followers

and team for their personal political benefit which is quite risky for the human life.As many time that activities

controlled by the different forces but both government and private forces need to intervene to over some on that non-

sense war between the parties and ultimately between the humans, here some private firms also playing very

important role to control the problems like AmericanForeverSecurity.

Country base security

Many internal private security forces like AmericanForeverSecurity plays an important role when country need to be

secure from external threats by the other countries.

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