I am irritated at everything, what to do?

 I am irritated at everything, what to do?

One of the emotions that we do not discuss often is that of irritability. The state where anything and everything simply grates at your nerves. Whether it be the weather, the people around you, non-entities like your wi-fi signal, everyone is out there to get you. 

Problem occurs when your state of irritability is not some occasional episode but is your perpetual state. 

 If you are constantly and easily irritated, you must try to get to the bottom of it. At times, your irritable disposition may be a sign of mental health problems like depression, that then require help of a mental health expert, like those at Reliance Hospital

However, things might not be so serious as well. The irritability might be due to other factors, and there are steps that you can do to mitigate the situation. 


Exercise is not just great for your physical health, but it also helps in improving your mood as well. It aids in the release of endorphins and helps in lowering cortisol levels, both of which then lower stress levels and improve disposition. 

Moreover, exercise also helps in channeling your irritability and anger. However, do not overdo it, as too much exercise may also increase your irritation levels. 

End the cycle of negative thinking 

It may be that your irritability stems from your negative thinking. It so happens that we build scenarios in our head or infer things and become angry and irritated as a result. 

You, therefore, need to stop this cycle of irrational and toxic thought process. Whenever you are accosted with such mindset, try to get out of the vicious cycle. Change your thinking pattern. Divert your attention to somewhere else. 

Gain perspective 

We often tend to, understandably, get irritated on things that cause inconvenience like getting stuck in a traffic ham, having to wait for long hours at the doctor’s office, losing connection, having to work overtime etc. 

In such situations, getting irritated is all we can do, as the situation is beyond our control. One way to tackle this problem is by gaining perspective. Change the way you read the situation, try to find the positive and good in your circumstances, try to count your blessings instead of just complaining. 

For example, acknowledge your privilege of owning a car in the first place before getting stuck in the traffic. In this way, reframe your thinking pattern.  

Get some space 

At times, it helps to distance yourself from the situation rather than becoming irritated. If your work is causing you to become frustrated and thus irritated, take a break. Watch some cats’ videos or eat dark chocolate. Take a stroll in the park, or simply, breathe. 

When you get some breathing space, you are then able to prevent the stress levels from elevating to destructive levels. 

Understand the underlying source 

In order to comprehend your state fully, you should try to understand why you are feeling this way. Whenever you feel irritated, backtrack through the day. Was there something that stressed you? Is your blood sugar level low? Did something wrong happen?

Hence, ponder over your feeling for to resolve it. 

Try relaxation technique 

Irritability is often accompanied with pangs of anger and stress. Your blood might start boiling, and you might also then try to lash out. To prevent this damage, you need should try relaxation techniques like deep breathing, meditating etc. 

It will then help your body to relax, and thus lower stress levels. It will also, hopefully, prevent you from doing things that you might then regret later. 

Get help 

If despite doing everything, you are unable to get better, you should seek help from a professional like a Psychiatrist in Islamabad, so that it can be ascertained if your irritability is tied to mental health problems like depression or not, and offer treatment accordingly. 

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