I want myopia surgery, does my insurance cover it?

 I want myopia surgery, does my insurance cover it?

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Vision problems, whether myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism, are an obstacle for many people who are forced to wear glasses or contact lenses. Due to this, more and more people decide to undergo surgery to solve myopia. But, does health insurance cover this operation?

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What health insurance companies cover myopia surgery?

As it is a voluntary operation, most insurers do not cover this type of intervention. However, some have a series of discounts and advantages so that their clients can access this surgery. Because refractive surgery is often very expensive, it’s worth taking a look at the options offered by some insurers.

The benefits of the DKV Health and Wellness Club

In this context, we can find companies such for example, DKV that makes available to their clients the “health and wellness club” with which, as a DKV insured, you can benefit from significant discounts. Specifically, in refractive surgery, you can get a10% discount. To access this feature, you just have to:

  • Download the discount voucher.
  • Request the appointment at the chosen center (where you will show the voucher number next to the insured card).

What discounts does Adeslas offer for refractive surgery?

Adela’s has a series of additional services with special conditions for its policyholders. In this way, although the cost of the refractive surgery service is not included in the coverage of their health policies, if you are a client, you will be able to have access to the professionals and discounts that the company offers. It should be noted that to access this service, it is necessary to have been insured for at least 6 months with one of the Adeslas health care products that cover hospitalization.

NéctarCARE: the new complement of the Néctar company

Similarly, thanks to the new NéctarCARE, customers of the Néctar company’s health policies will be able to benefit from exclusive discounts for refractive surgery. NéctarCARE is a supplement that provides numerous services related to preventive medicine, aesthetics, and alternative therapies. With this service, Nectar customers will have access to:

  • An extensive network of professionals.
  • You can get discounts of up to 40%.

Cigna +salud: discounts on refractive surgery

Some companies offer similar services without it being strictly necessary for the beneficiary to be a client of the insurer. This is the case of Cigna, which has the +salud program with which both its insured and those who are not can access special discounts on services that are not covered in their policies. In this way, through Cigna, you can have myopia surgery and take advantage of +health services. However, medications prescribed by the ophthalmologist in the postoperative process are not covered.

What does Sanitas offer in terms of refractive surgery?

Another similar case is found in Sanitas. Through its clinics, you have access to a wide range of specialists in refractive surgery who will correct your myopia with discounts at a private price. Sanitas offers a free first assessment consultation -without obligation- together with personalized financing conditions, in addition to including a complete eye study to guarantee the success of the intervention.

Asia and its services to take care of eye health

However, there are also insurers that, despite having ophthalmological coverage, do not include refractive surgery under any circumstances, as is the case in Asia. The company has specific services to care for eye health but does not offer discounts or promotions concerning refractive surgery.

Does the medical insurance cover the myopia operation? Most frequent services 

Being an expensive intervention and, in most cases, optional, insurers do not usually cover the myopia operation. That said, the fact that the companies do not assume the cost of the operation does not mean that it is not beneficial to have medical insurance, since there are many advantages that you can have if you have a policy and intend to have an eye operation.

For example, all pre-and post-operative visits are usually covered in addition to emergency visits if you have any type of discomfort or complication. In fact, before being able to undergo the intervention you will have to attend an assessment consultation in which the specialist will determine whether you can have the operation or not. Without insurance, this is not free, and its price can reach up to 100 euros.

With an insurer you will not have to pay this amount and, what is more important, the price of the operation will probably be lower than the market price. In any case, it will depend on the insurer and the center where you decide to operate.

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