Importance Of Cameras

 Importance Of Cameras

People who are looking forward to buying a camera often have many questions needed to be answered. They are worried about the fps, Importance Of Cameras resolution, Importance Of Cameras bandwidth, and whether or not it will be suitable for industrial conditions, etc. The expensiveness of the cameras is also a major concern for the buyers. Well, let’s get straight into some of the models that are pocket friendly and guarantee high visuals and results.

.  MER2-1220-9GC-P

This model comes from a series of Mercury 2 GigE industrial cameras, with a GigE interface. For anyone who doesn’t know the meaning of GigE; it is arguably the most recurrent interface used for machine vision camera. Features like binning, pixel skipping, reverse and digital shift, and decimation is what makes the series of Mercury 2 successful and unique. For anyone looking to buy this model, he should make sure about the following conditions:

  • This is an industrial camera
  • The maximum length of cable is 100m
  • Dimensions are: 29x29x40.3mm
  • Optional hardware  triggering

To get the best results, the mentioned conditions should be fulfilled.

Important specs of MER2-1220-9GC-P:

Interface GigE
Resolution 4024X3036
Frame Rate Default 9fps
Pixel size 1.86Um
Color/mono Color

.  VEN-161-61U3C-M01

This model belongs to the Venus USB3 series which is a board-level industrial camera. These are USB3 vision cameras which means that USB3 is used as an interface for them. Cameras with usb3 interface provide high speed and exquisite resolution results. It is also very suitable for platforms such as Raspberry Pi 3, NVIDIA Jetson TX1, and TX2.

For the people interested in this camera, they need to keep the following conditions in mind to get the best result:

  • This is an industrial board-level camera
  • Just one cable is required to ensure the connection to camera
  • Hardware triggering
  • The maximum cable of the length of cable is 4.5 meters

Some important specs of VEN-161-61U3C-M01

Interface USB3.0
Resolution 1440×1080
Frame Rate 61FPS
Pixel size 3.45uM
Color/mono Color

.  MARS-1231-46G5C-P

Mars 5 GigE is an industrial 5GigE vision camera, with the interface of 5GigE. Vision cameras with a 5GigE interface ensure the best high resolution and high-speed imaging where cable length is more than 5 meters. This series only accommodate high resolutions for global shutter lenses.

This model ensures the best result if the following conditions are kept in mind before buying:

  • This is an industrial camera
  • The maximum cable length of 100 meters
  • They are inexpensive and the process of installation of cables is easy
  • One cable will be sufficient to connect to the device
  • The dimensions are: 62x62x53.4mm
  • It uses the standard 1000mbit Ethernet cabling (cat6 or higher)

Some important specs of MARS-1231-46G5C-P

Interface GigE
Resolution 4096×3000
Pixel size 46fps
Frame rate 3.45uM
Color/mono Color


The mercury2 USB 3.0 is also an industrial camera with a usb3.0 interface and alongside a 90-degree camera head. USB 3 vision cameras provide the best results for high-speed and high-resolution cameras. This interface is also be-fitted with platforms such as Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi 4, Nano, and Xavier, and also for some standard computers. This industrial machine vision camera recommends the following conditions to be fulfilled for maximum results.

  • It is an industrial camera
  • Maximum cable length of 4.5 meters(or 10 meters by using USB3 optical cable)
  • One cable will be sufficient to connect to the device
  • Ensures compact dimensions due to 90 degree right angle head
  • Hardware triggering (I/O cable is required)
  • It is accepted on computers (x86) and other embedded platforms: ARM 7 and ARM V8

Some important specs of MER2-630-60U3C-W90

Interface USB3
Resolution 3088×2064
Pixel size 60fps
Frame rate 2.4uM
Color/mono Color

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