Importance Of Testing Soil

 Importance Of Testing Soil

All of us are well aware of the fact that plants and trees are grown in the soil. But the supply of productive soil is very minimal. Soil doesn’t only support human life but animal life too. To improve the quality of soil various testing protocols for soil have been turned into an obligation. Soil is home to microorganisms and they help us in fixing nitrogen. Nowadays, the soil is also used in making earthen utensils. People have started using soil for their skincare too. It is very important to get the soil tested to protect our health and environment. A major percentage of the crop yields is dependent upon the texture and quality of the soil. Soil tests should be conducted on regular basis. Also, you should always try to be consistent with the basis upon which the test is being conducted. Changing the basis or equipment every time will make the tests meaningless. A soil testing apparatus is available in the marketplace or on online websites as well through which one can undergo soil testing. By neglecting this major step, a farmer can lose the production of his whole lot of crop. Also, it can cause severe damage to the environment and harm the farmer’s financial condition. So it is always better to take the right step instead of just neglecting it. 

Below listed are the reasons that why one should go for soil testing:-

To know about the condition of the soil

The individual has the right to know if the soil in which he is growing his crops would be productive or not. Through soil testings, one can know about the Ph level and quality of the soil. If the soil condition is perfectly alright, the farmer can go with sowing the seeds. If it shows any case of abnormality, one can use the required fertilisers to make the production results better. Therefore, to know about the condition of the soil texture, soil testing is of utmost importance.

Less fertiliser expenditure 

Sometimes even without known the content of the soil, farmers use expensive fertilisers for their crops. It may not turn out to benefiting in every scenario. In some cases, the farmer just might be wasting his money on fertilisers as phosphorus. Instead of depending upon the uncertainty, the farmer should go for soil testing. Sometimes, due to an overdose of fertilisers, the yield may be harmed severely. 

It burns down the leaves and turns their texture yellow.

Prevention of soil erosion 

Soil sampling test helps in the prevention of soil erosion. Soil has always been a very unbalanced resource in our country and therefore by undergoing soil tests its management is guaranteed. Once your soil land is harmed severely, it is going to take years to restore it. In short, it is a highly expensive task and is time-consuming too. The right amount of fertilisers should be used at the right time. 

So these are the top three reasons that very well explains the importance and requirements of soil testing. These testing can surely be neglected, but what comes next would be the degrading texture of soil and loads of expenses. Soil compaction testing equipment helps in the testing of soil texture. The results of the test will help us know if the soil is fit for producing a crop or not. Consider soil testings not as a choice but as a compulsion.


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