Important things to be known about Distributor Management System

 Important things to be known about Distributor Management System

Do you know what distributor management software is? DMS (Distributor Management System) is the type of software that lets people manage supply chains by handling promotions, distributor claims, and more things other than this. The ongoing product flow and the retail level saturation have made out the role of distributor incrementally important. Now, good distribution software provides people with good distribution workflows and activities. Along with that, it also improves supply chain efficiency and eliminates stock-outs and overstocking by allowing out the companies to have access to real-time data from distributors.

Some important things that you need to know about Distributor Management Software:

Real-time visibility of the data: Whenever you will check out the data of all the distribution channels in real-time, it helps you out in many ways such as by letting you know sales analytics, stock-out scenarios, stock movement, better procurement planning, and more. All the people who are not having the Distributor Management Software rely on offline data provided by their distributors. Therefore, this is the data that is neither real-time nor authentic. Hence, losing all the benefits of real-time and giving control to the distributors is the first and most important thing that distributor management systems can do.

Instant claims settlement: Here comes another benefit of Distributor Management Software. With the help of DMS, distributors get enough time to settle claims that are too fast. This is because the update is so very instant. Whether it is returns, damaged receipts, schemes everything can be settled so very instantly. Hence, transparency is also the thing that can be easily maintained at all levels and everyone is having clarity on receivables and payables.

Fast restocking: DMS is the software that will give you exact and real-time data of the stock. Everything like expiry date, batch number, returns, etc will be very much accurate and this will cause less damage to the products and with further help in improving out the profits. With the help of analytics, you can get restocking of the requirements and plan for them accordingly. Hence, this is another best advantage of having DMS software.

Better management of the promotions and schemes: Do you know? Promotions and schemes are having a significant effect on the profits of one’s company. There are some hindrances, it is very much difficult to know whether the promotions and schemes are reaching the retailers or not. Further another challenge is to know about the benefits of a particular promotion or scheme. With the help of DMS, you can definitely get all the accurate information that too in real-time.

Standardization of the processes: DMS is one of the most important systems that is used by the people involved at all levels in the distribution. But there is only one version of the truth and the data that cannot be questioned by anyone at no cost. This will help you out in streamlining all the processes and will also reduce the time involved in unnecessary meetings and other forms of communication.

In a nutshell, there is so much that a DMS can do for people. So, if you are interested in having Distribution Management Software then you might think of installing it now. Make the decision and get the best.

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