Infertility statistics 2021: How many couples are affected by infertility?

 Infertility statistics 2021: How many couples are affected by infertility?

Many couples are unable to produce a baby despite being seemingly healthy. Most of them aren’t even aware that they have infertility problems.

How can you define infertility? It does not mean your failure to produce a baby after one, two, or more tries. According to biology, the failure to have a baby during the fertility age despite unprotected and continuous intercourse for more than one year is called infertility.

In certain regions of the world, where people are ignorant and have no proper information, they blame only women for not producing babies. But you all know that any one of the two partners can be infertile. Male infertility treatment and females is now available that indicates that both the partners can cure themselves in case of infertility.

The world has become modern and not all couples are so concerned about babies. However, those who want to have them and are struggling for them can get stressed. They might think different things and can imagine that they are the only ones who are facing this challenge. But they are not alone as many people across the globe have to face this problem.

Following are the stats of the people of the whole world who are facing the problem of infertility.

Worldwide Statistics of Infertility

First of all, you are going to know about the stats of infertility in the whole world. You will get knowledge about those countries which have the highest and lowest fertility rates.

  • 9 out of the top 10 countries with the highest fertility rates are present in Africa.
  • Southern and Eastern Europe along with Eastern Asia have the lowest fertility in the world.
  • In Europe, Sweden has the highest fertility rate which is about nearly 2 children per woman.
  • Developing countries are facing infertility problems more than developed countries. This might be due to several facilities that are not available for residents of developing countries. According to a survey held by the World Health Organization, every one out of four couples is facing infertility problems in developing countries.

Infertility Statistics of the United States

These statistics depict the infertility problems faced by the people of the US:

  • The fertility rate in the United States is pretty handsome as 1.8 children are born per woman.
  • Eighty-five percent of couples in the US can get pregnant on their first try.
  • Seven percent of people manage to get pregnant while trying for the second time.
  • 12 percent of women during pregnancy, which ranges between 15 to 44 years, failed to produce any baby.
  • 9.4 percent of males are also infertile. One in every eight couples is infertile in the US.
  • There is a fun fact as well. About half of the infertile couples are not ready to accept that they are infertile.

Statistics on the Basis of Gender

Male and female gender intercourse to produce a baby naturally. There is no other way to do so naturally. Now you will know about the infertility percentages of both genders.

The infertility percentage is similar in both genders. There is a difference of only one point as 9 percent of males during the fertility age are infertile. While in case of females during the same age percentage are just equal to 10. So you can say that both have nearly the same infertility rate.

About 30 percent of total infertility cases are due to female infertility and 30 percent is due to male infertility. Among the rest 40 percent, 30 percent is due to both males and females, and the rest 10 percent Is due to unknown reasons. No scientific method or medical apparatus has still managed to get a single clue about this 10 percent infertility. The only thing that can be considered is that it’s by nature.

The Takeaway

The above statistics show that if you are infertile, you are not the only one. About 15 percent of the total human couples on planet Earth are infertile. If you count this, then the numbers will be about 48.5 million couples.One thing you must know that fertility can be treated. ICSI treatment in Lahore, IVF treatment, and IUI treatment are advanced methods that can help you to deal with infertility.


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