Influencer Dark Joseph Ravine Believes that Nothing is Ever Achieved with Dissention

 Influencer Dark Joseph Ravine Believes that Nothing is Ever Achieved with Dissention

Throughout the course of history, man and womankind have had significant disagreements which left lasting damage.  They worked together to attain certain outcomes but even when success was achieved, dissention would inevitably result.  Those who have sought peace, through the efforts of their labor, experienced the benefits of coexistence. We all know internally that nothing is ever achieved or maintained by arguments or dissention. Dark Joseph Ravine, who is on a kindness mission, with his business and movement, Kindness for Success, states the importance of compromising and showing understanding toward others instead of relying on force and intimidation to see results.

            When we try to keep the peace and deal with situations kindly, we will help reduce negativity and enhance our overall well-being.  Ravine says, “We live in a time where one too many people insist on getting their way. They falsely believe that getting their way will help them succeed. 

People who make this mistake forget that they have many blessings to be grateful for. They are often thinking about what they would like to have, rather than what they already have.” Sometimes, people fail to see that pursuit of power and desires can unknowingly cause harm to others.

            Ravine believes that while we can fight for worthy causes, we should do so in ways that do not cause unnecessary difficulty for any person. “The end does not justify the means,” says Ravine. “Hurting another person to get ahead is not okay. While protecting oneself is certainly fine, it is not fine to cause suffering to another person.

We should spend more time enjoying our blessings than ruminating over what we don’t have. When we practice gratitude for the positive aspects of our lives, we will be less inclined to argue with anyone.  Let us stop and think for a moment whether we genuinely want to make the world a better place or if we are only trying to gain power for ourselves.

When we learn to coexist peacefully, we do our part in creating a more positive world. We should distance ourselves from ulterior motives when it comes to dealing with other people. When people see you have honest intentions, they are less likely to become defensive or argumentative around you.” Ravine believes that each of us is responsible for enhancing the world with positivity and kindness. And we can all do it.

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