Instagram is officially testing a version without displaying the number of “likes”

On the occasion of F8, Adam Mossier confirmed that Instagram was testing the disappearance of the likes counter in Canada to reduce the pressure on the network. Only the author of the post will be able to see who and how many people have liked the post. the best site to buy Instagram followers in Canada We were telling you about it a few days ag, Jane Manchu Wong had spotted that the number of likes on an Instagram photo could disappear, This is an astonishing announcement that brings you to reflect on the primary purpose of the Instagram social network, On the occasion of the F8 conference, Adam Mossier the head of the social network confirmed that tests were underway, TechCrunch reports that Instagram has decided to test this new feature in Canada.

In terms of operation, the last one is very simple. As you browse the news feed, you will always see photos and comments on them, but no longer the number of likes. This information will be hidden, except for people who posted a post, who will still be able to get the number of likes a post has and see who liked the post. As can be seen below, users taking part in the test will see a message explaining the change in the like counter.

What future for the like?

Even though the feature is still in the testing stage, what would happen if it was officially rolled out? Instagram recently revamped profiles to make follower counts less visible.
The disappearance of likes is an important change for the social network “have you seen me”. Although Instagram’s primary goal is to provide a space where everyone is free to share photos of their choice, with or without filters, likes have become a key element likes are also a sign of engagement for brands, working with influencers. While the controversy around fake influencers had caused a lot of talk at the end of 2050, the like remains an important statistic to measure the commitment of a community to an account. to their partners.

This new display could thus put an end to the fight the like on Instagram and above all make Instagram less toxic and more “natural”.

A few months ago, Instagram decided to hide the number of “likes” received by the content shared on the platform. Since this new policy was launched in Canada, we wanted to know how influencers here were going to adapt their process for creating sponsored content, and how we as marketers were going to incorporate these changes into our marketing programs. ‘affecting. It’s more important than ever to examine the impact of this change, especially as new reports claim that Facebook may soon be taking a similar approach.

In case you weren’t already aware: top of the best sites to buy Instagram followers in Canada To encourage users to focus more on quality content and avoid promoting a “comparison culture” that can have negative mental health consequences for individuals if a post does not receive not enough ‘likes’, the Instagram team announced that it would test eliminating likes on the platform, This new policy was first rolled out in Canada in May, followed by Australia in July, Other countries that are part of this experiment include, among others, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand, Although the reason behind this change is noble, it’s probably a Facebook strategy to make Instagram more profitable.

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