Invisalign – The Gateway to Perfect Smile

 Invisalign – The Gateway to Perfect Smile

Have you ever thought of having that Hollywood smile but don’t want the hassle of regular braces? Invisalign might be the way for you to go. In this article, we’ll understand what an affordable Invisalign near me can do for you.

What Is An Invisalign?

Invisalign is the brand name for clear aligners introduced in 1998 by Align technology. That can help you in aligning your teeth. Invisalign is not invisible but is less noticeable than metallic braces. 

The Invisalign Surrey aligners are similar to clear retainers and are removable, so one can remove them while eating or drinking. Invisalign and clear aligners have gained significant popularity for being a hassle-free alternative to traditional braces.

How Does Invisalign Work

The Orthodontist starts the procedure by making a 3D model of your teeth and jaws. Then the model is used to create a plan specific to you for aligning your teeth into the proper place. A series of clear aligners are made customized to your dental needs. 

The aligners apply pressure to your teeth, gradually leading them to shift and move into the desired places. According to your needs, You will be asked to change the dental aligner every 2-3 weeks.

What Can Invisalign Treat?

Invisalign is use in treating different dental conditions depending on the severity of the situation and the patient.

Here Are Some Of The Conditions Invisalign Can Treat:

Overbite – In this type of misalignment, the upper front teeth protrude beyond your lower front teeth.

Underbite – It is a dental condition in the lower teeth that protrudes farther than the upper teeth.

Open bite – When the top and bottom teeth don’t touch each other when the mouth is fully closed.

Crowded teeth – When teeth grow into unnatural positions when they do not have enough space to grow naturally. It leads to dental crowding.

Types of Invisalign:

There are various types of Invisalign, and you can choose the one you want based on your requirements.

Invisalign Express – These are relatively quick solutions to fix mild tooth crowding or other minor issues. It is a 6-month treatment program using a total of 10 aligners.

Invisalign i7 – It is an even faster method to treat minor alignment issues and get the desired results.

Invisalign Lite – It provides a perfect balance between practical and speedy results. In a typical treatment, the patient will receive 14 aligners to wear over 6 months or more.

Invisalign Full – For treating severe teeth misalignment, you can choose Invisalign full for effective alignment of teeth for about a year to 18 months, depending on the patient.

Is Invisalign The Ideal Choice For You

Having that perfect smile is everyone’s dream, and Invisalign Surrey is the pathway leading you towards that Smile. Everyone should feel confident with their Smile, and there is nothing wrong with desiring to have a beautiful smile.

If you want a great smile but don’t want the annoying clattering of metallic braces, you should choose Invisalign. Invisalign is the best cost-effective alternative to having perfect teeth.

You can get dental advice and more information on the best dentist in Surrey From a well-trusted Orthodontist.

Caring For Invisalign:

Invisalign are clear aligners that will stay in your mouth for the whole day, so it’s imperative to look after them and keep them clean.

Here are the steps you should follow in cleaning your aligners.

Using a Toothbrush

You can remove your aligners before eating, so it is the best time to wash your aligners. Use cold water and use your toothbrush to gently brush your Invisalign to remove any leftovers in the Invisalign.

Using Vinegar And Water

To go that extra mile to clean your aligners, you can put half Vinegar and half water in a dish and soak your Invisalign in there for about 15-20 minutes. Use a toothbrush. If you see any residual, rinse it with cold water before placing it back in your mouth.

Busting Common Myths And Misconceptions:

1. Invisalign Cannot Treat Misalignments

People seem to think that Invisalign cannot be used to treat severe misalignments, But that is just a misconception about Invisalign. They are very much effective in treating stark dental conditions.

2. An Invisalign Treatment Takes Longer Than Average Traditional Braces

On average, an Invisalign Surrey treatment takes about 12-18 months, whereas an average braces treatment takes about 1.5 – 2 years. But, everyone’s teeth are different, and the treatment time can vary depending on the severity of the case of the patient

3. Invisalign Is Suitable For Adults

There is no age for wearing Invisalign. Any age group can wear Invisalign and not only adults. Invisalign is ideal for anyone as long as they are coherent enough to clean and look after them. There is an increasing number of teens using Invisalign.  

4. DIY Aligners Are Just Effective

The market is flooded with DIY aligners, which guarantee to be as effective as Invisalign but cheaper. DIY doesn’t have the same technological backing as Invisalign and can result in a misalignment of your teeth and can lead to a bad bite.

5. Invisalign Is Uncomfortable To Wear

According to a study, patients find Invisalign more comfortable than other orthodontic treatments. As with Invisalign, they do not have to wear metallic wires and those uncomfortable, cranky brackets. The favorite part of wearing Invisalign over traditional braces is that it can be removed while eating, so you don’t have to worry about getting food stuck in the mouth.

6. Invisalign Makes You Develop A Lisp

Any new object needs some adjustment. You are likely to develop a lisp when you start wearing Invisalign. But when your mouth gets used to the feeling of having a clear aligner in it, the lisp will disappear.

When to Consult an Orthodontist

Everyone has a unique set of teeth. If you feel uncomfortable with the way, your teeth are placed together, if you have any dental disorder such as underbite, overbite, etc. You can consult Invisalign Surrey and get advice on possible treatment options that are well suited to your requirements.

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