Is a Boarding School the Right Choice for Your Child?

 Is a Boarding School the Right Choice for Your Child?

In the life of a human being school is the most important stage that will determine the overall character, help in building the skills and personality. Every parent desires to provide their kids a head start, so they send them to boarding school. The concept of boarding school is derived from ancient India’s Gurukul. At that time students and Gurus used to stay at common places. Nowadays school not only provides education but more than that e.g. The Asian School is one of the best boarding schools in Dehradun for boys providing the best facilities. As per the statistics, boarding school students are more prepared for future life because they already know how to deal with the world.

Here are the Advantages of Boarding School over the Day School –

 Quality Education:-   The number of students in boarding school is quite less as compared to day school and they have experienced staff and all are passionate about their subject who provides them the extraordinarily level of education. Not all students have a sharp mind some take time to understand. In normal school teachers have limited time to interact but in the case of boarding school, students can reach their teachers round the clock.  Living in a boarding school with teachers helps students to make a strong relationship that can help in the overall development of students.

Extra Co-curricular Activities:- Boarding school does not limit them to only education. They also focus on the vast growth of students by providing them with predominant sports and recreational facilities for example The Asian School is the Best sports school in Dehradun the School has a very large and talented sports faculty. Students got to know about different cultures and by doing different recreational activities students they can find their niche.

Independence:- In boarding school students have to learn how to be self-reliant. Every person they meet is a stranger. So they have to do their task themselves. From waking up in the morning, laundering to managing their stuff. Doing all the stuff independently increases the self-confidence of students. This independence not only limits in boarding school but after school also help life.

Peer Pressure:- Living in a boarding school with the students of the same class gives the peer pressure in a right way.  Having competition in front of them will give them a boost to push their boundaries and give remarkable results. Competing from the early stage of life helps in creating strong work ethics.

Help develop Social Skills:- Every student in boarding school is from a different family,  students develop their social skills by communicating, knowing a different culture, helping each other which is the basic foundation of mutual respect. That’s the main reason the boarding schools are best for your kids.

Libraries/media:- Most of the established boarding schools have better libraries than universities. Media centers and libraries not only give knowledge but also provide an environment for creativity. These spaces help in creating the creative mind of students and help them to grow. Libraries are the best place for students as they teach many things to students.

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