Is DrChrono Worth an Investment?

 Is DrChrono Worth an Investment?

DrChrono EHR Software – An Overview 

DrChrono is a cloud-based EHR system that is accessible from anywhere in the world over the web. Furthermore, comprehensive medical resources are available for practices of all sizes and specialties through the DrChrono EHR software. The complete suite of DrChrono medical solutions includes: 

  • Electronic medical software. 
  • Telemedicine. 
  • Practice management. 
  • Medical billing. 
  • Revenue cycle management. 
  • A patient portal. 
  • A mobile EHR app. 

You can also view the self-guided educational content on DrChrono’s website. These learning resources include simple instructions for navigating the software, creating templates, and other helpful advice. 

DrChrono EHR – Key Features 

Key Features of DrChrono is a well-known EHR software that assists healthcare businesses in improving healthcare efficiency and workflow. DrChrono EHR includes the following essential tools and features. We hope that this comprehensive information helps you make the right decision for your setup. 

Integrated Practice Management System 

A Practice Management System integrates with DrChrono EHR Software to allow you to do all of your tasks in one place. Whether you have a solo or big setup, DrChrono has complete practice management software to match your needs. Furthermore, by automating the majority of administrative activities, the practice management system optimizes your workflow. 

Medical Billing Solution 

Medical billing is essential to the profitability of your practice. DrChrono’s medical billing software integrates seamlessly with the practice management system and electronic health record. It also integrates with several clearinghouses to meet all of your billing needs. 

Overall, by successfully managing your invoicing process, DrChrono reduces the number of data entries and the danger of human error. 

Voice Recognition Feature 

As a busy healthcare worker, you are constantly taking notes. DrChrono EHR software includes a medical speech-to-text function to make the documentation process more accessible and more efficient. The program converts spoken words into text that is displayed on a screen. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about misspellings because each new term automatically adds to your dictionary. 

Patient Portal 

The patient portal in DrChrono EHR Software streamlines communication with your patients. Patients can utilize the patient portal to access their medical records, schedule appointments, and review lab results. Patients can also pay their invoices online. 

Furthermore, the patient portal sends out automatic reminders to patients before each session to prevent no-shows and boost revenue. Patients can also take account of their health by gaining access to care plans and educational materials. 

Revenue Cycle Management 

DrChrono’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) assists you in maintaining a consistent revenue while allowing you more time to focus on patient care. DrChrono employs medical billing and coding professionals who are up to speed on market trends and practices to help you with all of your financial responsibilities. 

In addition, DrChrono frees up time for you to focus on your clinical practice while relieving you of administrative duties. DrChrono Software automates your time-consuming errands and provides high-quality services at a moderate cost. Furthermore, with a 96 percent clean claim rate, DrChrono’s revenue cycle management improves your financial success. 

DrChrono Mobile App 

DrChrono is a cloud-based EHR with one of the most comprehensive iPad mobile applications. In addition, DrChrono offers mobile EHR software list that surpasses a laptop computer. Hence, you will be able to use the mobile EHR more quickly and easily. In addition, the mobile EHR has a professional camera that you can access with a touch, keyboard, or pencil to help you expedite your workflow. 

Among the primary features of the DrChrono mobile app are customized medical forms, clinical notes, and patient self-check-in. 


Telehealth is crucial for protecting oneself and limiting exposure, especially in a pandemic like COVID-19. DrChrono EHR Software includes a Telehealth feature that allows you to organize and schedule virtual appointments right from your computer. 

DrChrono EHR Software allows you to arrange appointments and send emails to your patients digitally. You can also provide patients with real-time consent forms that they can complete on their desktop, iPad, or iPhone. 

DrChrono Demo 

You can request a DrChrono demo from the vendor. The demo is instrumental because it allows you to engage with the software’s various capabilities in reality. You can also put the software through its paces in a real-world setting to evaluate if it meets your needs. 

DrChrono Cost 

DrChrono’s monthly subscription is $199 per user, with a single pricing structure available to all users. This package includes access to the EHR and Practice Management System. Furthermore, DrChrono’s subscription pricing consists of the cost of implementation and training, making the initial investment more accessible for small or independent practices. 

There are no upfront setup, implementation, or clearinghouse fees with DrChrono’s revenue cycle management process. A one-year contract is a bare minimum, depending on the practice. Apart from that, DrChrono EHR also offers free data conversion from the old to the new DrChrono system. 

DrChrono Reviews 


  • The DrChrono EHR software includes excellent templates that are specialty-specific and flexible to changing preferences and needs. 
  • DrChrono EHR contains nearly all of the capabilities that practice may require, so you do not need to switch between various medical software. 
  • Medical software is constantly changing. To cope with changing industry trends, the company’s creators continually add new and improved features. 
  • There are helpful video tutorials accessible, eliminating the need to contact customer care with every other query. 


  • According to current DrChrono EHR Software users, the electronic signature tool is in serious need of improvement. For example, users complain about having to wait a long time to sign a document. 
  • Some users also report numerous system issues, most notably when checking in patients. 

Our Verdict About DrChrono EHR Software 

Drchrono is an affordable EHR solution that enables you to leverage cutting-edge technology while also optimizing your workflow. The robust EHR offers a broad array of tools and capabilities for practices of all sizes and specialties. According to a thorough assessment of customer feedback, users enjoy the adjustable features and user-friendly design. 

You can book a DrChrono demo to learn more about the software and its capabilities. Furthermore, we recommend reading DrChrono reviews to discover more about the EHR Software’s benefits and features. 


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