Is iPhone 14 another massive Success or Not?

 Is iPhone 14 another massive Success or Not?

Apple launches state-of-the-art technology annually that is uncopiable and incomparable to the gadgets released by other brands. The trillion-budget company does have a strong taste in sophistication when it comes to upgrades, but it doesn’t mean Apple can “never” produce something people don’t find interesting. Speaking of interest, the major investors have already given a rest to invest in Apple products, but Apple continues to produce new lineups and upgraded versions with punctuality. The customers are overflowing the market to get their hands on iPhones like every other day online. But what do the experts say about it? 

iPhone 14 Hot or Not? 

Coming down to the question, Apple’s iPhone 14 has gotten much more optimistic hype than other models for multiple reasons. A bigger battery and larger storage capacity are the first and foremost features in a smartphone when people decide to buy the phone. Apple’s iPhone 14 is a great success already since customers and clients are interested in devouring the next hot thing on the plate. The 14 is better than the iPhone 13, comparing the usability, longevity, and bulkier weight. The main difference is in the processing chipsets and storage capability, but other than that, iPhone 14 brings no compelling flavors to the table. 

Is iPhone 14 a disappointment? 

No. If Apple users are in love with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, they will surely buy iPhone 14 because the price of the original iPhone 14 is equal to the iPhone 13’s released last year in September. It is not fair to call it a disappointment, but iPhone 14 turns out to be the minimal upgraded iPhone in the history of upgrades by Apple! Critics will always want more to chew on, and investors will demand more innovation to make a fruition load of rebates. This never-ending cycle is not a stop sign for buyers at all because customers demand new, modern updates, and Apple gives them what they want every year! iPhone 14 just hit 8.3 out of 10 stars for overall sales, and the purchase rates just seem to get even higher.

The Good Points 

iPhone 14 original starting price is about 799$ for 128GB storage, and the 14 Pro models start from 999$ to 1100$ for 256GB which is somewhat a 50-50 for average customers. The A15 Bionic processor in iPhone 14 and 14 Plus makes the devices speedier, more fluent, and more dynamic overall. The Pro models have an A16 Bionic chipset, which takes the fluency and power of the device up a notch. Some of the attractive features in-built that make iPhone 14 models a better upgrade are the Emergency SOS, crash detection, 48-megapixel camera update, video stability, and low-to-mid light performance, to name major ones. 

The Final Words 

iPhone 12 and 13 models are going to overflow the second-hand market, a plus point for budget-savers! If you are willing to buy iPhone 13 after this debate, credible sites like can be an excellent option for selling old and buying new!

Speaking of which, the iPhone 14 is selling hot on Apple Stores, Experimax, and more! So be sure to get your hands on them in time. Happy Shopping! 

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