Is it Good to Invest in Park View City Islamabad?

 Is it Good to Invest in Park View City Islamabad?

Pakistan’s real estate sector is regarded as one of the country’s economic cornerstones. To many, it seems to be a relatively safe and lucrative industry to invest in—the World Bank estimates that land ownership accounts for around 60–70% of the country’s overall wealth. It is a colossal sum that represents the real estate sector’s security and returns. Are you looking for a good place to put your money to work? We recommend that you check at Park View City Islamabad, one of Islamabad’s most promising new housing developments. However, you must determine whether the project is a good investment for you. To aid you in this process, we have prepared this article.


The first and most appealing feature of the opulent housing society is its location. Park View City is situated on Malot Road, 15 (fifteen) minutes’ drive from Kashmir Highway. Both the Kashmir Highway and the Islamabad Expressway are about 15-20 minutes away from the society’s 200-foot main boulevard via Murree Road. Blue Area is thus only 20-25 minutes distant. As a result, the society is well-positioned for both business and residential uses. Park View City benefits from the landscape of gorgeous hills and mountains of Bani Gala around it, while being sufficiently close to the city core with exceptional accessibility. The tranquilly of a lovely countryside close to the city core is the ideal setting for your dream home. For this particular reason, park view city is a good investment. Read more about park view city.

Grand Commercial Area

Park View City’s main boulevard is 200 feet wide and connects to Park Road via Jinnah Avenue , which is similarly 90-100 feet wide. A broad access road makes it easier and faster to go to and from the society, allowing you to get to and from work quickly and easily while still enjoying the tranquilly of your beautiful housing society. Park View City is also a good investment because the commercial area is located just after the entrance. Commercial districts draw commercial and business activity into residential projects, which improves a society’s livability and quality of life. Because the commercial space is directly at the entry, it will see more foot traffic because it will be accessible to nearby societies such as Bahria Enclave and Park Enclave in this example. Such commercial zones entice real estate developers to build landmark projects and shopping malls, adding to the society’s worth.

Rapid Development Work

Park View City’s growth is moving at a breakneck speed. Blocks A and B have already been developed, with possession given. Furthermore, house construction in these blocks has already begun. Other blocks’ road networks are likewise being built at a breakneck speed. The big mosque’s building has also begun. We believe that after 2-3 years, the society will have matured and the community will be ready to function normally.

Owners and Developers

We’ve said before that any due diligence on a real estate project is incomplete until the developer’s ability to deliver the project is assessed. Vision Group is constructing Park View City. Aleem Khan, a well-known politician and Punjab Senior Minister, is the chairman of Vision Group. Being linked with a person of such stature lends credence to the initiative. It definitely reduces the dangers associated with construction and development. Furthermore, the developer’s portfolio, which includes Park View Villas, Signature Apartments, and Corporate Center in Lahore, as well as Park View Icon in Karachi, demonstrates great managerial abilities and the ability to construct large-scale projects.


Investors, developers, and homeowners who want to live in a housing scheme with all of today’s conveniences would love Park View City. Park View City offers enhanced security, cutting-edge technology, and an excellent location. For investors looking to make a little investment, Park View City should be their first and preferred choice. If you decide to invest in Park View City, you will not be disappointed. Don’t wait any longer to invest in Park View City. Contact Sigma Properties today and book your plots right away!

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